Friday, September 6th, 2019

Abby and Chelsea greet and pose for photos with a long line of guests. Nick’s so proud of Chelsea – you’re amazing. Arriving to watch them kiss, Sharon’s surprised to bump into Rey. Theo wastes no time coming over to needle Kyle (who pulls him close to warn that Zoe better better not be an issue tonight) Nice seeing you Lola, Theo says before going ‘back to work’.

Theo takes a photo of Summer and Zoe – pretend you like each other. Summer forces a smile as she tries not to watch Lola and Kyle on the dancefloor.

At the ranch, Nate will reserve judgment until the blood tests come back. Victor wants to attend Abby’s opening but Nikki’s not having it.

Back at CL’s, Adam’s not sure his medication switcheroo is responsible for Victor’s episode – but has no regrets. You saw your Father weak and vulnerable – it’s natural to have second thoughts, Phyllis gets no response and follows Adam as he makes a hasty getaway.

Victor wishes they went to Abby’s opening but understands why Nikki put her foot down. She’ll protect him as he has her, so many times. She’s asked the chef to make his favourite meal. Too bad Victor can’t remember his favourite meal is Cornish game hens.

At the penthouse, Adam insists he’s just fine – he wants to see his father completely incapacitated for the way the family has mistreated him. Wanna bet I’ll go through with it? he challenges. OK – bet on – if he does go through with it, Phyllis will grant Adam a wish of his choosing – if she wins, she wants something more tangible – no more vendettas. Stop going after your family. It’s for your own good. And Summer’s. I don’t want this family feud to hurt my daughter. Do we have a deal? Sure – what the hell. Confident he’ll win, Adam will put some thought into what wish Phyllis can grant for him.

Drinks in hand, Rey and Sharon admire TGP. Lola wants me to get out and start meeting people, he confides. Sharon thinks that a good idea – for both of us.

Hand in hand, Mariah and Tessa go to explore the new hotel. Devon and Elena arrive. Hey – we beat Nate, she comments. That’s fine – you hung out with him already today, Devon points out.

Abby admits to Nick that Phyllis is partly responsible for TGP. Finding Summer still fixated on Kyle and Lola kissing, Theo distracts her with a kiss. He then encourages the two influencers to mingle. You too Zoe. Still sulking about being called ‘clingy, Zoe isn’t placated by Summer’s apology.

As Mariah talks about where she wants Tessa to pose for photos next, Sharon joins them to mention the road trip she’s about to embark upon. She’s not running away from anything – including awkward runs ins (she looks over to see Rey chatting with a woman nearby)

Abby’s not giving Nate the cold shoulder, she’s nervous about the flowers that were just delivered to her. She’s relieved that they’re from Nikki and Victor (and that he’s fine, per Nate) When Elena appears with Devon, Nate declares her the second most stunning woman here tonight. All eyes then shift when Phyllis makes her entrance. Let her have this, Theo stops Summer from interceding. Approaching Chelsea and Abby, Phyllis knows she’s not on the guest list but wanted to congratulate them. It’s time for me to be the better person and tell you that you both did better than I ever could. Taking a drink as a tray goes by, she toasts to their success. All eyes follow as Phyllis sashays away.

While dancing with Nikki, Victor stumbles, then waddles upstairs to rest.

Now home alone, Adam crumples up a photo of his Father and tosses it in the trash.

Lola gushes about how well dressed Rey is. He correctly guesses that his matchmaker sister is sending eligible ladies his way.

Phyllis listens and looks increasingly concerned as Devon talks to Elena about Chance – why would he, or anyone else want to challenge Kay’s will after all this time?

Chelsea heaps praise on Abby. You’ve found your calling, Nate’s agrees. When Theo breaks a glass and distracts everyone with his apology, Zoe quickly pulls some capsules of powder from her purse and empties it into three unattended pitchers of Grand Sangria.