Monday, September 9th, 2019

Moments after a waiter carries off a tray of Grand Sangrias, Zoe smiles as she takes a photo of the empty pitcher she’s spiked.

Summer praises Theo for a job well done (creating much online buzz for TGP opening) Too bad you have to work all night. Theo doesn’t consider this fun. Summer has another idea – let’s check out the hotel’s rooms. Alas, Theo has work to do – leaving Summer to grab a glass of Sangria. Nearby, Lola and Kyle kiss. They’re happy to see Rey chatting with a woman. Watching, Sharon tells Mariah that she’s happy for Rey; he’s a catch. Then reel him back in, Mariah suggests.

Phyllis chats with Summer – she’s decided to take the high road and let Chelsea and Abby enjoy their big night. She wouldn’t do anything to ruin Summer’s evening. After they hug, Zoe snaps a photo of Summer drinking her Sangria.

Those Sangria’s look good, Devon goes to get one. Abby ends a call and updates Nate that per Nikki, her Dad’s resting comfortably. The party’s going well but Abby needs to keep an eye on Phyllis. Devon takes a drink and gives credit to Chelsea – cheers.

** Apologies. Due to it being quite late I’m publishing this recap without proofreading or spellcheck **

Reminded that she’s underage, Zoe’s sticking to sparkling water – but Phyllis should enjoy the Sangria. Phyllis takes a glass but gives it back to the waiter – she needs to stay sharp too. Do you get celebrities to drink so they’ll pose for embarrassing photos? Hey – that was a joke, she’s left baffled when Zoe marches off in a huff. Why is everyone so weird? she asks herself?

Sharon admits that she is bothered that Rey’s dancing with another woman. Mariah hopes she thinks about him, not Adam when she’s on her road trip. When Tessa brings over Sangria, they all toast to having some fun.

Phyllis approaches Abby and Chelsea to order a Shirley Temple. She’s there to support her daughter, not pick a fight. Too bad Victor’s home because he’s feeling under the weather. I’m being classy, she claims. Was she giving you a hard time? Nick appears to ask. No – which makes Abby and Chelsea very suspicious.

Nate praises Devon and Elena for balancing demanding careers and a relationship. Both men enjoy their Grand Sangrias.

Lola and Kyle are betting on their pool game when Summer runs over to report that her jewellery idea is trending online. Theo thinks she deserves a raise. Kyle agrees she’s done a good job – how about use of Jaboat as a reward? Summer’s thrilled. Theo decides he’ll be her agent from now on – so Kyle doesn’t take advantage (more than he already has)

Kyle denies he’s the one taking advantage of Summer (who can take care of herself) and when Lola suggests the competitive men play pool, Kyle breaks. They continue to bicker until Summer shoves the balls around and Lola leads Kyle to the dancefloor. He’s had enough of you and so have I, Summer marches away from Theo.

Phyllis takes a seat to needle Sharon about Rey and the new woman he’s showing interest in. He then appears to give Sharon a drink and get rid of Phyllis. Thanking him, Sharon hears that Lola’s trying to set him up – he’s not trying to hurt Sharon’s feelings. She knows that (they clink glasses and drink)

As Devon, Elena, Nate and Abby hit the dance floor, Zoe happily scans the party to see that her plan’s working – everyone’s loosening up – considerably – especially Theo, as he plays air guitar with his pool cue.

Knowing his apology is insincere, Summer’s tired of Theo staring a fight with Kyle then her – then makeup sex (which we should skip right to – ~kiss~) That works for Theo. As they leave, Zoe frowns.

Hi guys! Sharon gets a weird look from Nick, Chelsea, Lola and Kyle (who go to find Rey) Nick’s off too to check on the boys ~kiss~ Chelsea will be home later to wake him up.

How was your chat with Rey? Mariah and Tessa then engage in some babble – go ask him to dance. Sharon’s talked out of going home to pack, then stumbles after Tessa and Mariah go to dance.

Suddenly hot, Devon needs to sit down with Elena – then goes to the patio to get some air (with a fresh drink) Elena begins to detect that something’s not quite right.

Zoe interrupts Theo and Sumer kissing to give them a peace offering – Sangrias. By tomorrow, everyone will be talking about this party, she’s sure they’ll all have a ton more followers. Theo and Summer sloppily cheers to that.