Monday, September 9th, 2019

After Elena goes to check on Devon, Nate alarms Chelsea and Abby by acting very strangely. Engrossed in stoking one another’s hair, Mariah and Tessa start making out. I think we’re high – Summer and Theo click in – we’re high on molly. So is everyone else. Someone dosed us all? Let’s ride it out – in a hotel room upstairs. Theo goes to check them in – stay right here, he leaves Summer. Are you OK? Lola asks Rey. Something’s off with him, they agree – something’s off with everyone. This is Theo, Kyle marches off; Lola in tow.

Rey joins a weepy Sharon at the bar. Forgive me, she leans on him to sob about meaningless promises.

When Phyllis tries to bend Devon’s ear, Elena informs ‘it’s not a good time’. What’s wrong with everyone? Phyllis wonders. Is Devon alright? Abby sends a waiter to get him some water. Chelsea realizes that everyone’s tripping. Has someone been spiking the drinks? Overhearing, Phyllis takes a look around the room and realizes that’s exactly what happened.

Elenas’ diagnosing Devon as he’s hyperventilating on the sofa – psychedelic drugs can cause panic attacks. A messed up Nate comes to the rescue – or not – but he does help by announcing that he’s been drinking Abby’s official drink; The Grand Sangria! She and Chelsea look stunned.

Where’s Theo? Kyle asks Summer – who warns him not to drink the Molly Sangria. I miss you, she kisses him. Zoe records. Lola appears. Kyle helps Summer over to her Mom. Chelsea offers Nate water as Abby distracts attention from Devon by bellowing that India took her top off on the dancefloor!

Sharon kisses Rey then collapses in Rey’s arms. Lola runs to get Nate. She’ll be coming down soon, Theo shows up to reassure. Sharon’s on medication, a worried Rey must call this in. He calls to report a mass drugging. This can’t be happening, Kyle mutters. Elena tells Lola to bring Sharon over; she’ll look after her and Devon until the medics arrive. Phyllis leaves Summer in the incapable hands of Tessa and Mariah.

Chelsea and Abby try to convince themselves that they’ve got everything under control. Who are we kidding? This is a nightmare, Abby throws up her hands.

Now straight, a ‘furious’ Rey agrees with Paul – this is a mess. Whoever spiked the drinks could have killed someone. The MDMA affected Devon and Sharon the most due to their medications. the pitchers were on the bar, in the open. Paul hopes security cameras caught the culprit.

Lola doesn’t blame Kyle for Summer kissing him – but doesn’t think she’s over him. It’s over, we can all act like it never happened, Kyle looks worried. Lola doesn’t think that can happen.

Elena tells Paul that she’s taking Nate and Devon to the hospital – Lola’s taking Sharon and Rey. His arm around Lola, Kyle tells Paul that Theo told Summer that the drinks were spiked with MDMA. At the bar, Chelsea and Abby accuse Phyllis of spiking the drinks. I wouldn’t drug my own daughter. Find another scapegoat, she marches off.

Paul asks Theo why he guessed everyone was on MDMA. The way those two were dancing, he points to Tessa and Mariah (who’s sorry he enjoyed it) We only had one each so weren’t as affected as other people. Summer had 3 or 4 – Zoe gave them the last ones. No, she wasn’t drinking – she was working, Theo says. Tessa hands over her phone – look at the photos on her blog. As Kyle worries about the PR nightmare, Paul orders everyone to have their blood drawn tonight – he’ll have more questions tomorrow. He then gives Chelsea and Abby bad news – you need to shut the place down, now. Phyllis sends Zoe a text – we need to talk.