Tuesday, September 10th, 2019

At Nick’s, Chelsea frets over the disastrous party last night. Though she’s not feeling well, Summer has to go to Jabot and do damage control. Npw alone, Nick consoles Chelsea – no one was hurt and you’ll recover from this.

Lola serves Rey a hangover cure and is confident he’ll catch whoever spiked the Sangrias with molly. You won’t let anyone hurt the people you love. Abby comes along to offer any help she can provide – what she needs from Rey is reassurance that he’ll find out who did this and nail them to a wall.

Chelsea continues to worry – a 100 guest wedding just cancelled. Due to her background, she fears she might be a suspect. Nick’s sure she and Abby will overcome this. Everyone decent? Phyllis walks in to suggest Chelsea get busy salvaging the hotel she swiped out from under her. Summer reappears – can we talk? she asks her Mom.

Elena comes down to scold Devon for not being in bed resting – how’s your heart? Beating – and it still belongs to you, but Devon’s clearly not feeling well at all.

This scandal could cost us a lot of money, Abby hands Rey a folder; a complete roster of who was at the party last night. This investigation is personal, Rey says as he sees Sharon’s name on the list.

Feeling like the inside of a garbage can, Summer wants to curl up and cry but Kyle needs all hands on deck today at Jabot (if she still has a job once Jack and Billy find out about last night) This was not your fault, Phyllis is sure it will blow over. She’ll do whatever’s necessary to make this go away – trust me. Summer hints then outright asks her Mom if she’s the one who put molly in the Sangrias.

After Rey calls GCM and learns that Sharon was treated and released, Paul arrives to ask if he’s OK. You seem distracted. Rey’s thinking about the case. Theo comes in looking for Abby but is instead forced to sit down to answer more questions.

Phyllis would never mastermind something so diabolic; drug a group of people including my own daughter. Summer’s sorry – she’s out of sorts. Phyllis is alarmed to hear that she kissed Kyle but blames it on the drugs. Baby, I’m so sorry. Nick returns to ask Summer if she’s OK. Yes, maybe work will make things better. When she goes to fetch her stuff, Nick and Phyllis both vow revenge on whoever did this to their daughter.

Now seated, Rey and Paul play good cop bad cop as they question Theo – who can only think of one person who might be behind the drugging; Zoe. She wanted to humiliate me because we have a history – that includes Kyle. Abby comes out to remember that Theo said scandal makes for the best parties – are you the one who sabotaged me?!

Zoe’s busy on her phone when Phyllis meets her in the park (as arranged) Congratulations on last night – it was epic, Phyllis grins.

Having examined Devon (still with a blanket over his shoulders) Elena declares him a perfect specimen. Your blood pressure and heart rate were sky high last night. Yes, you ARE lucky to have me. Devon thought he was going to die last night (and see his Dad and Hilary again)

Theo vehemently denies being responsible for the childish and reckless act. It’s not something he’d want his name attached to. Question Zoe Hardisty. Come to think of it, Chelsea and Abby also find her actions last night suspicious. Theo hasn’t been able to reach Zoe – her ‘radio silence’ makes him sure she’s guilty. Instructed not to leave town, Theo leaves Rey and Paul to inform Chelsea and Abby that security footage might reveal who the guilty party is.