Tuesday, September 10th, 2019

Now at Jabot, a glum Summer asks ‘what now’? It wasn’t our product that sent people to the hospital, Kyle thinks she should go home and recuperate. Neither he or Lola drank last night. As for suspects, he suggests Zoe or Phyllis (who Summer counts out immediately) When she mentions the kiss, Kyle hoped Summer wouldn’t remember that. Who saw it? Only the entire world. Summer’s looks horrified when he hands over his tablet.

As Devon sleeps on the sofa behind her, Elena makes a quick call to see how Nate’s doing. Devon then awakens to explain his earlier comment. As nice as it would be to see the people he’s lost again, Devon’s nowhere near ready to leave his life with Elena.

Phyllis thanks Zoe for serving Chelsea and Abby their ‘just desserts’. You didn’t do this for likes, you had personal reasons, she suspects. Damn right – Zoe did this for revenge.

Summer’s so sorry – this is humiliating. Jack will send me to work in the mailroom. How did Lola react when seeing the photo? She saw the live version, Kyle surprises Summer – she doesn’t hate you – she feels bad for you. He’s glad he didn’t ‘partake’ last night – who knows what I would have done. Yes, we’re good, he gives Summer a friendly hug before sending her off for a nap (oblivious to the fact that she’s still in love with him)

Looking for Sharon? Paul asks when Rey arrives at CL’s (and ‘don’t even bother trying to lie to a war-horse like me’, he cajoles) That’s what friends do, Rey claims. Sharon’s lucky to have you – as a friend, Paul’s phone goes off. The IT team have sent over security footage from last night – let’s hope it’s the break we’re looking for.

Back at the park, Zoe unburdens herself to Phyllis – Theo and Kyle did a number on my life. I was just a kid; they fed me drink after drink – finding it funny. I passed out – they dumped me at the emergency room like I was trash. Kyle treated my daughter like she was disposable too, Phyllis sympathizes. Theo’s no better – he used me to get back at Kyle. Both of them wanted to forget me but they can’t now. Zoe thinks the revenge she planned for three years was perfection. They should be thanking me for a great night. And no one can prove a thing. ‘Make Them Pay’ should be the name of my new company – gotta fly, she runs off – leaving Phyllis to pull out her phone and replay the recording she made of Zoe’s confession – gotcha.

Snuggling with Devon, Elena’s multitasking by listening to his heart rate. Being a doctor is who you are, he admires the way she cares about people – you’re strong and brave, and give me so much hope. I love you, Elena blurts out. It’s OK – I love you too, Devon invites her to say it again (which she does with a kiss)

Paul and Rey review the security footage on a tablet on the patio. No suspects at all – this is way too clean; something’s off. Where’s Paul going? To track Zoe down. We’ll get to the bottom of this, he vows.

The only ones at TGP; which should have a line up to get in, Chelsea and Abby are both doing damage control by phone. Surprisingly, the consensus seems to be that everyone had a great time last night. Abby relays the disastrous opening of Society; the power went out. Lola had no food until the last minute. We’ll rise from the ashes, Chelsea’s calmer and more optimistic. Not today Phyllis, an irritated Abby ignores her call.

Voicemail? Seriously? Still in the park, Phyllis leaves a message for Abby. You need to call me back right away. I’m the answer to your prayers; actually, I’m the answer to all our prayers ~click~