Wednesday, September 11th, 2019

Chelsea comes home to update Nick that Zoe’s the primary suspect – the cops are looking for her but the damage to TGP has already been done. Nick had hoped Chelsea wouldn’t see the online article he’s hiding from her. One crazy night won’t stop me from making this hotel a success, she vows.

In TGP’s empty lounge, Abby ignores Phyllis text (insisting they talk) and is relieved when Nate informs that everyone drugged has been released from the hospital. Paul arrives to say that the security footage didn’t provide any evidence – though they’re still looking for Zoe. Abby’s pissed – someone out there knows what happened.

Phyllis drops by Adam’s penthouse with news she’s sure he’ll want to hear. Everyone tried to squeeze me out of TGP. No, she didn’t lace the Sangrias but will take full advantage of the situation. How? Phyllis will make sure justice is served and get back what she deserves.

At CL’s, Rey and Sharon exchange awkward ‘hi’s. He’s there on official business – how are you? Fine. Tessa and Mariah? Fine. Fortunately, everyone else is OK too, Rey hopes Sharon’s not uncomfortable answering his questions. No – and she needs to set some things straight with him.

Nikki fusses over Victor at home – hating that he still doesn’t feel well. Hopefully, Nate will have answers once the blood test results come back. Victor wishes he knew what was wrong with him but declines cancelling plans they’ve made with the family. Don’t tell them about my setback, he insists. They have their own problems.

In her office, Vikki answers her phone anxiously – ‘please tell me you found Billy’.

On the patio, Sharon’s embarrassed that she made a fool of herself – and kissed Rey. I didn’t pull away, Rey also points out that they’d been drugged. Lines got blurred and crossed. It’s weird not being in control, Sharon opines. Rey knows the MDMA hit her harder because of the medication she takes. He just needs to get a statement regarding last night.

Back at TGP, Abby whines that nearly every major event they had booked has cancelled. The Grand Phoenix will rise from the ashes – and Nate’s sure Abby will soar with it ~kiss~ Abby feels better already. My place? Nate invites. Getting a text from Chelsea (more cancellations) Abby can’t – things are imploding.

Nick’s sure Chelsea and his sister will turn this around in no time. Abby and I could be unstoppable together, Chelsea thanks Nick for believing in her. Now alone, Chelsea gets a text from Phyllis – Your partner keeps blowing me off. Need to speak to both of you. I’m your way out of trouble. ‘Yeah, right, Chelsea scoffs.

Still at Adam’s, Phyllis grumbles that neither Abby or Chelsea are returning her texts. They’re probably busy with this fiasco, Adam’s then told that Phyllis knows who spiked the Sangria. Of course, she can prove it. Of course, she wants a piece of TGP for that info. Adam’s a tad more interested when hearing that Sharon was one of those drugged. Summer was too – and she thought I did it, Phyllis adds that her plan is to take down the girl responsible and score a major win for herself.

Nick’s at the main house to ask his Dad how he’s feeling (since he wasn’t at the opening last night) Summer? She’s OK – a bit banged up but working. She’s strong, like her Aunt Abby, Victor comments. Vikki rushes in to apologize for being late. No, she’s not alright.

Back on the CL’s patio, Sharon’s told Rey what little she remembers about last night. She then announces that she’s going on a trip. Alone? Rey asks. He doesn’t deny that he thought she might be going with Adam. No, Sharon agrees that he’s bad news. She’s travelling solo. Rey hopes she finds what she’s looking for – you deserve to be happy. So do you, Sharon echoes.

At Nick’s, both Abby and Chelsea are surprised the security cameras didn’t catch whoever drugged their guests. Neither plan to return Phyllis’ texts. Chelsea suggests a re-opening – invite the same guest list; comp the rooms, food and drinks. Onboard, Abby will get Theo to put the word out. Chelsea will talk to Kyle. When Phyllis shows up (unannounced as usual) neither want to hear what she has to say. They already suspect Zoe but there’s no proof. Phyllis has proof but it’s not free. She wants what’s rightfully hers. Let’s talk terms. Abby wants to see the evidence against Zoe first.