Friday, September 13th, 2019

What do you want me to say? Adam spreads his arms wide. You Dad was fighting a life-threatening disease – it’s possible you had nothing to do with his death. Save your sympathy for someone who needs it – Adam didn’t want to kill his Father (even though he wanted to kill me) He just wanted Vikki distracted enough so he could swoop in and take NE. Now, the Newmans are all grieving together at the ranch while I’m in exile. Phyllis calls Summer – it’s Mom, do you think she knows? she asks Nick. I’m so sorry – I can be right there, Phyllis offers. No, there’s a lot going on, Summer declines. And she can’t meet her Mom at TGP – I’ll call when I can, she promises – then in tears, hugs her Dad. It’s going to be OK, Nick reassures.

Hanging up, Phyllis takes Adam’s glass of straight booze to take a big swig. Summer doesn’t sound good and doesn’t want to see me. I know how you feel about being in exile, she sighs.

Sit back, close your eyes – remember – think about is – me, Johnny and Katie; happy. Panting, Billy battles flashbacks. It’s not working, he gasps. Climbing into bed with Billy, Vikki implores him to remember their recommitment ceremony. We’re more powerful than what’s going on inside your head. You’re fine, she purrs.

No one’s heard from Vikki yet. Nick called Noah – and Summer told her Mom. What if we don’t find Aunt Vikki before she finds out on the news? Summer whimpers. Nikki gives her a hug – we’re all dealing with a lot. We’ll handle this the way Dad would want us to, Nick says – as a family.

Sharon touches on her past; a pattern that started when defining herself as Mrs Nick Newman – quitting her job as a show of solidarity to Rey (who’s now back on the police force) That breakup really threw Sharon – things got messy with Adam. It all collided at the same time. Rey and I didn’t stand a chance. Is there any chance of rekindling things with Adam? Jack wonders. Sharon can’t allow Adam’s destructiveness into her life – she needs to breath clean air again, literally.

Nick leaves yet another message for Vikki. She apparently told the sitter to hold down the fort. When Nate returns, Summer has to ask – was there anything else you could have done for my grandpa? Nate’s afraid not.

We’ve had a long and winding journey – this is just another curve in the road, Vikki cradles Billy. We found our way back to each other and are headed in the same direction. Vikki never thought she could trust again after JT. You never gave up on me, she appreciates Billy. Now it’s time for me to be there for you – trust me. And you have to do one other thing for me …

Jack thinks Sharon’s taking too much blame for the way her relationships ended. She’s relieved she didn’t go further than kiss Rey. Jack wonders if it would be such a bad thing to get back with him? You and I had the best divorce, Sharon jokes – and appreciates their friendship. Jack can always count on Sharon for support and the truth. I miss you. I miss you too, Sharon and Jack both find it refreshing. Here’s to fate, they clink glasses and drink.

Vikki believes the person she talked to earlier is someone Billy created to do the things he couldn’t. No, that’s not what’s happening, Billy tries to get up. You stole a car and tried to kill Adam, she raises her voice. Billy’s suddenly silent and still – as if he’s been exorcized.

As Phyllis leaves, Adam thanks her – it’s hard to wrap his head around a world without Victor. He fantasized about a life without him – but … But what? Phyllis leaves without getting a reply.

Nick thinks they should all eat – keep our strength up. It’s only going to get harder. When Nikki agrees, Nate decides it time to leave (but stays when invited to by Nikki)

** Too late for thoughts – but I don’t believe for a minute that Victor’s really dead.