Thursday, September 12th, 2019

In the boathouse, Billy awakens from a nightmare. When Chloe runs to his bedside, he demands to be released.

Abby’s relieved when Devon comes to Society to reassure that he’s fully recovered (thanks to Elena) Abby could just strangle ‘that little heifer’ who put Molly in the Sangria. Thankfully the cops caught Zoe – and there’s no way Abby could have foreseen this. At least the press is making it clear that TGP is not responsible. Yes, but Abby didn’t come away unscathed – avoiding a PR nightmare came with a price tag – a big one.

At the ranch, Nikki fusses over Victor. He allowed himself to have hope – and now, it’s come to this.

Nikki thinks Victor’s made the right decision. The Newman family handles things head-on – and we win.

Abby fills Devon in – Phyllis has a 25% stake in the hotel (same as Chelsea) She’s the new head of security. Phyllis developed TGV – she wants it to succeed. Plus, you’re the majority shareholder so make all the decisions. Abby’s thrilled when Devon decides to throw Elena a birthday party at TGP’s lounge. She then gets a text from Nikki; obviously not good news.

On the CL’s patio, Vikki’s leaving yet another message for Billy when her phone dies.

Abby looks scared by Nikki’s text – Please come to the ranch ASAP. It’s about Victor.

Reading the same text from his Mom, Nick responds immediately – I’m on my way.

** No time for proofreading **

Just breathe – don’t get agitated, Chloe tries to calm Billy down. Don’t worry about Vikki – Kevin and I sent her a text that you checked yourself into rehab. Great – she thinks I’m messed up, he huffs. You lured Adam to where he killed Delia then tried to kill him, Chloe points out. Your grief and profound sadness pushed you to it, she understands why he’s blocked it out. Billy doesn’t know what’s happening to him but needs to see Vikki. Can you bring her here? If anyone can help me, it’s her.

At the ranch, Victor confides that his medications’ side effects have suddenly gotten worse. They’ll talk more when Vikki gets there. Not wanting to discuss the incident at her hotel, Abby leaves a message for Vikki. When Nate arrives, the kids are anxious for the news. Victor insists they wait for Vikki.

Putting her dead phone in her purse, Vikki leaves CL’s.

Back at the boathouse, Chloe tells Billy that she wasn’t able to reach Vikki. He now thinks that’s for the best. She won’t understand the way you do. Chloe’s going for supplies but will be back soon.

Meeting at Society, Mariah and Devon are both glad everyone’s OK and that Zoe’s caught. Could Theo have been involved? Devon points out that he brought her to town.

At CL’s, Theo compliments Tessa’s dress. I hear your pal Zoe’s in lock up. Tessa was under the impression Mariah would be at this meeting. She’s busy with Power Communications. Hearing that Tessa doesn’t trust him either, Theo wants the chance to work with her and earn her trust.

Bumping into Vikki at the park, Chloe’s been trying to reach her. Come with me – it’s about Billy.

While everyone at the ranch wonders why they can’t reach Vikki, Summer joins them to ask if everything’s OK. Is Nate here with Abby or as Grandpa’s doctor? Nikki doesn’t think they should do this until everyone’s here. Do what? Adam appears to ask.