Friday, September 13th, 2019

At the ranch, Nikki, Abby, Summer and Nick are in shock. It happened so fast, Adam sniffles – how is it possible that Dad’s actually dead?

With a start, Billy awakens to find Vikki at his side. She’s not surprised he doesn’t remember their previous chat – it was like she was talking to someone entirely different. Whatever’s going on, we’ll deal with it – Vikki’s not leaving until they do.

In a hotel lobby, Jack purchases a ticket for a sunset horseback ride. He’s stunned to run into Sharon (equally stunned) Both took a trip for the same reason – to reflect, relax and reset. Maybe fate has brought us both to Sedona, Jack has to wonder.

As the three ladies quietly weep, Nick blasts Adam. Drop the act – stop pretending like you didn’t get exactly what you wanted. It’s too late for regrets. You don’t belong here. Get out now.

Still in the hotel lobby, Jack and Sharon chat over wine. If fates saw fit to bring two old friends together, we should make the most of it. Jack suggests they both cancel their planned activities and just talk. What better way to begin a fresh start than with an old friend.

Vikki won’t let anything take Billy away from her – we’ll figure this out. Billy denies that everything Chloe says is true. Fighting the flashback, he swears he didn’t try to kill Adam. Maybe you did but can’t accept it, Vikki suggests.

How can you think this is what I wanted? Adam reminds Nick that he’s always had conflict with Victor; it’s what bonds this family. No, it’s Victor’s love that bonds us, Nikki bursts into tears. As Summer and Abby take Nikki upstairs, Adam appeals to Abby – indignant and hurt to be unwanted. Nick’s priority is to find Vikki and give her the bad news before a reporter does. He won’t let Adam stick around – not after what he’s done.

Though Kyle updated Jack on TGP opening, Sharon sharing her experience makes it more real. How about you? She changes the subject – how’s Dina? Jack struggles with watching his Mother’s vibrant light slowly dim. Dina’s illness has given him a new perspective on the past. His Mother felt neglected. Jack respects his Dad’s success but it came at a cost. Sharon understands – she’s always defined herself by her relationships too. And look where that got me. In this beautiful place, talking to one of your favourite ex-husbands, Jack jokes.

billy doubts he’s blocking memories – that would mean he’s having some kind of mental break. Vikki thinks the first step is admitting his anger towards Adam is a problem. I hate Adam, Billy’s never kept that a secret. But he’s not going to try kill him to avenge Delia’s death. The guilt you lived with for years has resurfaced, Vikki pressures Billy to get it all out in the open. Overwhelmed by various flashbacks, Billy insists she and Chloe are wrong. He manages to take a couple of steps before collapsing in a heap on the floor.

Our Father died – right there. Nick blames Adam for sucking the energy Victor should have focussed on his health. You brought chaos and misery to the thing he loves the most; this family. If he loved us so much, why did he try to control us? Adam argues. Nick believes with all his heart that Victor wouldn’t be dead if Adam hadn’t come back to town. Go grab a bottle of champagne from the cellar (Nick thinks Adam should celebrate – alone)

I’m grieving too – Adam thinks it crazy that his return is what killed Victor. He’s the one who brought me back to town. It must have been so hard to be handed NE on s silver platter, Nick scoffs. I didn’t remember anyone or anything, Adam tried to make amends with Dad – just the other day; wished he’d have been willing to reconcile. Spare me the crocodile tears – Nick only just reconciled with Victor. Get out. One more thing, there’ll be an autopsy. If there’s any evidence of foul play, I’ll destroy whoever’s responsible, Nick warns Adam as he leaves.

Are you OK? Did you hurt yourself? Vikki fusses over Billy (who groans in pain; from his injury and the flashbacks) Stop pressuring me! Breathing heavily, he manages to hoist himself back onto the bed.

What’s going on with you? Phyllis is waiting outside the penthouse when Adam comes home. Victor’s dead, Adam says bluntly as he proceeds inside. Rolling her eyes, a sceptical Phyllis follows. She likes dark humour but that’s a bit too morbid. Adam’s telling the truth – Victor was telling them that the treatment wasn’t working, then collapsed – my Father’s gone. I saw it happen. Did you do this? Phyllis stammers – this wasn’t supposed to happen. You went too far.