Monday, September 16th, 2019

An emotional Billy admits what he now sees clearly in his head – he wrote on the wall and tried to kill Adam. It’s not who he wants to be. How could I do something like that and not know? Remembering is huge, Vikki encourages – now you can start to heal. Billy worries he won’t be able to get rid of his dark alter ego – and that he might lose Vikki and the kids if that’s the case.

At Billy’s bedside, Vikki offers a supportive pep talk and armchair therapy. She’ll go get some food – then we’ll figure out what comes next. Relax – I’ll be back soon – she has complete faith that Billy will work his way through this. Billy’s alone for mere seconds when the door opens. Delia? he looks at a smiling teenage girl.

Billy and Delia have a good chat about his grief and anger towards Adam. You backslid like an addict would (is how Vikki put it) Della lectures her Father. You wanted Adam dead – because of me. You think I’d be happy that I turned my Dad into a cold-blooded killer? Now you’re blaming some invisible part of you that you can’t control? This is who you are, period (don’t blame me) Mom dealt with her grief. It’s beautiful here on the other side – I’m with Katherine, Colleen, Grandpa John. You won’t be allowed in if you don’t change. Delia vanishes when Jack appears to crow – look who I found, the world’s biggest screw-up, in the flesh.

Billy knows he messed up but plans to fix it. You can’t – you’ll never amount to anything, Jack blasts the ‘walking disaster’. Billy needs help and compassion, not judgment. You let your hate for Adam run amock – you can’t enjoy life because you’re weak. When you’re in prison for murder, Vikki will move on. Breathing heavily, Billy puts gum in his mouth and cues his alter ego. Screw you Jack! Jack then lists all Billy’s crimes and sins – your exile to Hong Kong should have been permanent. I’m younger, smarter and stole your wife with the snap of a finger, Billy sneers. Jack orders him to pick a persona and be done with it. Taking his gum out of his mouth, Billy (now in an empty room) looks torn.

Now Jill appears to try convince Billy to escape before Vikki comes back. You’re the worst thing that ever happened to her – just go. You’re not worthy of her. I need to see Vikki, she’s my rock, Billy tries but fails to unlock the door. Jill loves her son but he always ends up in the gutter. Give Vikki her freedom – she deserves better than you. Don’t make me give up the best thing in my life, Billy pleads. So sweet – Phyllis appears – she doesn’t know whether to cry or throw up.

Billy won’t apologize for loving Vikki; she and the kids are the most important things in his life. Phyllis shuffles cards – you’re better when you’re reckless. We had fun but we screw each other up – Billy’s glad they’re over. Phyllis doesn’t want Billy – she likes him edgy. I’m this close to losing it, Billy sits. Phyllis won’t be ‘snowed’ – Vikki can’t make you human. You slept with Summer to get back at me. You’re incapable of love. When we burned, we burned hot, she purrs – then appears seated at a card table. Come play. You like risk. One game. You win and you get everything you want. If you lose? The war is over – stop fighting and succumb to being a lost cause. Fine, let’s do it, Billy takes a seat to cut the deck; King of Hearts. Phyllis draws one card – ace of spades. You lose. You cheated! Billy’s distraught. Accept defeat, Phyllis’ laughter rings in his head. Get out of that bed! Adam yanks Billy up. I know what you did and I’m gonna make you pay for it!

Did you really think you’d get away with it?! Adam shouts. What’s going on in that skull of yours?! The only way to escape your pain is to inflict pain on others? Billy knows what he did was wrong – I don’t want to be that person anymore. Stop making excuses and stand up! Adam orders. Billy doesn’t have the strength. Adam pushes Billy back onto the bed – this ends right now, he starts to choke him – it’ll be over soon. Billy shoves Adam away – You. You…. he sits up gasping.

I’m not giving in, Billy croaks as Adam again strangles him. Billy? Vikki comes in to see Billy writhing on the bed. Wake up, she implores. In his head, Billy replays what everyone’s said and with a mighty shove, throws Adam across the room – I’m not giving in, he punches him in the face. Wake up, Vikki runs to the bed. Are you alright? Yeah, I am now, Billy pants. Basically, he’s choosing a future with Vikki and the kids. If there’s any good left in me, it’s because of you. Vikki climbs onto the bed to hug him.