Tuesday, September 17th, 2019

Phyllis is back at the penthouse – I see your warm fuzzy side died with your Dad. I’m worried about you, she admits. Adam scoffs – you only worry about you. And Summer, Phyllis knows her daughter loved her Grandpa. He sent her to Dubai and she came back a different person. Instead of turning to me now, she’s shutting me out. Adam insists he’s fine – show yourself out. I don’t want your help. Phyllis knows he’s lying – who else can you talk to who won’t judge you? As Adam sloppily makes her a Martini (she quips that champagne would be in bad taste)

Billy tells Kevin and Chloe that he now remembers stealing the car and trying to kill Adam. Admitting that took a lot out of him. If not for you, I’d have lost everything. Kevin wonders what’s to stop ‘Bad Billy’ from coming out to play. Vikki knows Billy’s breakthrough was real – she saw it. Her phone dead, Vikki needs to get home. Kevin informs that something’s happened – it’s about your Dad.

Mike didn’t even know Victor was sick. Nick’s surprised Adam didn’t tell him and hearing they don’t talk anymore quips ‘because you stopped doing his dirty work’? All then update Mike on Victor’s illness, treatment and side effects – we all thought he was getting better. If something other than Dad’s illness killed him, Nick WILL find out.

Over drinks, Phyllis admits that Adam tampering with Victor’s medication hastened his demise but he was going to die anyway. You didn’t kill him. I just wanted to knock him off his game, Adam claims – show Victor that he wasn’t invincible. You’re the only one who thought he was, Phyllis states.

Vikki refuses to believe that her Father’s dead – you’re lying. Chloe and Kevin share what Mike told them – Victor didn’t suffer. No! Vikki sobs as she makes for the exit. I’m going with you, Billy stands.

Insisting he go, Billy’s helped out by Chloe and Vikki while Kevin holds the door open.

Enough, Phyllis decides – Victor’s dead. Maybe you had a hand in it, maybe not. It doesn’t matter. Victor was a cold, heartless son of a bitch who ruined my life and yours. We should be celebrating that he can’t hurt us ever again. Now you Newmans can do whatever you want. No, she doesn’t want to be with Nick. Adam’s not buying it – go for it. You’re a pig, Phyllis marches out – and immediately sends a text to Nick – can we talk?

At the ranch, Nick reads but doesn’t reply to Phyllis’ text. The Newmans discuss funeral arrangements. Nick feels Victor would want Adam to be included; we must respect that. Nikki agrees.

Abby, Nate and Summer are at Society. It’s so weird that no one knows. Abby hates the thought of telling her Mom. I’ll be right there with you. Summer looks utterly depressed and alone.

When Nick comes home, Chelsea gives him a hug – I’m so sorry. The boys are upstairs watching TV. Nick sees no point in telling them tonight. Nikki? She’s being strong. It’ll be a long road ahead for all of us. Knowing Chelsea won’t like this – Nick shares his theory that Adam killed his Dad.

Mike drops by the penthouse – I heard about Victor. What am I dealing with? A grieving son, Adam’s insulted when Mike accuses him of having something to do with Victor’s death. If he’s going to be dragged into this, Mike needs to know now. I’m two steps ahead of you, Adam snarls. Don’t count on it, Mike snarls back as he exits.

A near-hysterical Vikki runs into the ranch to hug her Mom. Tell me it’s not true!