Wednesday, September 18th, 2019

At home, Traci confirms news that’s stunned Jack – Victor’s dead.

At Society, Phyllis leaves a message for Summer then gets a text from Nick. Agreeing to meet him, Phyllis deletes ‘you’re better off without him’ in favour of ‘sorry for your loss’.

Nick assures Chelsea that’s he’s OK – just worried about Vikki. Chelsea ignores a call from Adam – I can’t deal with him today. Adam leaves a message; I need to see my son today.

At a table with Nate (at Society) Devon can’t wrap his head around Victor dying. Nate appreciates Devon’s concern but thinks he should focus on Kay’s will being challenged. Devon doubts there’s anything to worry about. Victor dying shows that anything can happen, Jill appears to warn.

Nikki appreciates Abby and Summer’s concern but Victor would want her to be strong. Paul drops by – and with a hug asks if there’s anything he can do. Yes, arrest my husband’s killer, Nikki stuns him (as well as the girls)

At CL’s, Sharon wishes she hadn’t gone out of town and not so subtly asks Mariah which Newmans she’s spoken too (IE Adam)

Jill’s sure whatever challenge that’s been filed with regards to Devon’s inheritance will be dwarfed by the power struggle Victor’s left behind.

Chelsea knows what Adam’s capable of – but he’s such a good Dad. He wouldn’t deprive Connor of his grandfather. Believing that Adam had something to do with Victor’s death, Nick doesn’t think Connor should spend time with him. No, he doesn’t have proof that implicates Adam – yet.

Nikki’s sure it was Adam killed who Victor, not the disease. Summer and Abby are inclined to agree. Though Paul sees no evidence of foul play, Nikki implores him to conduct an investigation – don’t let Adam get away with this.

Still at home, Traci and Jack continue to discuss Victor’s death. He played a big role in Ashley’s’ life – and Jack’s too. He doesn’t hesitate before agreeing with Traci – he will indeed miss Victor.

Yes, Sharon’s concerned about Adam – he just lost his father. She’s gotten him out of her system and won’t let any man define who she is. Good for you – now, it’s time to walk the walk, Mariah says when Rey arrives at CL’s.

Phyllis drops by Nick’s to say how sorry she is ~hug~ Nick appreciates the sentiment. Summer’s not here – give her some space; wait til she comes to you, he advises. Phyllis won’t cry crocodile tears for Victor – but is sorry his death is hurting people she loves. Nikki’s tough, she’ll get through it. Angry when learning that Adam told Phyllis about his Father’s illness, Nick barks that if she really wants to help this family Phyllis can provide evidence that her pal Adam killed Victor.

After Nate leaves, Devon assures Jill he’ll be fine. And no, he’s not worried about Kay’s will being contested. He’s sure it’ll hold up.

Jack explains how Victor motivated him to be a better man. Traci breaks into tears – when Victor died, Colleen’s heart beat for the last time. As for his trip, whatever Jack thought he was looking for – he had it all along.

Nick knows Phyllis hated his Father; neither you or Adam care that he’s dead. If you know anything, tell me. Sorry – but Phyllis doesn’t know anything. If she can help in any way…. The only thing Nick needs is justice for his Father.

At the counter, Rey tells Sharon that he’s sorry for her loss. Paul comes along to summon Rey for official police business. He’s opening an investigation into Victor’s death. Nick and Nikki thinks Adam’s behind it. If that’s true, Rey wants to be the one to put the cuffs on him. On cue, Adam arrives to exchange awkward looks with Sharon and the cops.

Phyllis marches in to TGP to give Abby her condolences and ask Summer to speak to her in private. Summer can’t right now – she’s discussing matters that are only for the ears of TGP owners. You didn’t tell her? Phyllis announces that she owns 25% of this place – the phoenix has risen again. What did you pull to make that happen? Summer scowls at her Mom.

Rey offers Adam his condolences – Victor’s death is quite a loss. Odd that it was so sudden. What do you really want to know? an impatient and irritable Adam doesn’t appreciate being harassed by a jealous two-bit cop. Falsely accusing me isn’t a good idea. I didn’t murder my Father. So, it was murder? Rey disagrees that ‘we’re done here’. I’m just getting started. Sharon looks deeply troubled as Adam marches out.