Tuesday, September 17th, 2019

At the ranch, Abby, Nick and Summer fuss over Nikki (who’s been given a sedative by Nate) All are mourning Victor’s death.

Finally! Chelsea barges into the penthouse when Adam opens the door. She blasts him for not returning her calls and forgetting his visit with Connor. Nick hasn’t told you? Adam’s surprised. Told me what? Chelsea’s puzzled.

Billy’s exhausted – who knew an emotional fight could be as exhausting as a physical one. Vikki’s relieved that he won this fight. Billy tells her about his imaginary visitors, including Delia. He’s vanquished his dark side thanks to Vikki. She didn’t know how to help after Delia died. Both are glad they now trust and believe in each other. We’re stronger than ever ~hug~

At CL’s, Chloe and Kevin end a call with Bella and contemplate going to check on Billy and Vikki. Mike calls to ask Kevin if he knows where Vikki is – her family’s trying to find her. Why? Suddenly solemn, Kevin stammers – oh… that’s… Hanging up, he tells Chloe that Victor’s dead.

How? Heart attack? Chelsea asks. Adam’s still surprised that Nick didn’t tell her. Adam confides that Victor opted for experimental treatment for an illness. He summoned his family to inform that he was going to a private clinic – then collapsed in front of us. Chelsea’s so sorry (and can relate after losing Calvin suddenly) Adam can’t believe he’s gone.

Back at the ranch, Nate’s asked the hospital not to report Victor’s death until all family members are notified. Nobody wants Vikki to hear that her Father’s dead via the media. When Nick starts griping about Adam, Abby and Summer change the subject – maybe Vikki went to visit Billy in rehab. Nick will find her. Before she hears the news from someone else, Nikki hopes.

Still at CL’s, Chloe hopes Vikki wasn’t on her way to see Victor when she rerouted her to see Billy. It’s best she’s with him when we tell her the news, she and Kevin leave.

You shouldn’t be alone – surely, there’s someone you can call, Chelsea’s concerned. Your boyfriend threw me off the ranch, Adam whines (and drinks) Nick didn’t cut you off from the family, you turned on them, Chelsea points out. Thanks for the pep talk – please apologize to Connor, he’s the only family I have left, Adam continues his pity party. The hand Chelsea places on Adam’s shoulder is shrugged off. After she leaves, he contemplates calling Sharon but decides against it.

As Summer mopes over the chessboard, Chelsea calls Nick – I’m so sorry. Adam told her. Nick declines Chelsea’s offer to come to the ranch – he’ll be going home soon – see you there. Mike arrives to say that Kevin and Chloe haven’t seen Vikki.

Eating take out, Billy’s eager to leave the boathouse. Vikki thinks he still needs therapy. Billy disagrees – the darkness inside him is now gone. Vikki worries – you can’t avoid Adam forever. Kevin and Chloe arrive – they have news too.