Friday, September 20th, 2019

Vikki and Billy are at the ranch to discuss Adam murdering Victor and framing Vikki. Jack appears – this is not how he expected to find them coping.

At Nick’s, Chelsea’s frustrated by numerous texts from Adam. He wants to see his son and she’s not sure how much longer she can hold him off.

When a suspicious Mike drops by the penthouse, Adam wonders why Vikki hasn’t been arrested and charged with murder yet.

Adam lists the evidence; the pharmacist’s statement, the pills, Nate’s tablet, a toxicology report – why is my sister walking around free!? She has no motive and loves her Dad, Mike reminds. Adam has a reminder of his own – and a threat – one phone call and your son goes to jail. You’re the DA – make it happen! Mike huffs out.

How did it go with the lawyer and Kay’s will? Elena comes down to ask. Chance is behind this, Devon explains that apparently the version of Kay’s will (leaving her estate to him) is fraudulent. Her lawyer (now dead) was bribed. Neither believes Tucker has a motive. This is a ploy – the lawyer’s trying to rattle you. Good luck with that – Devon’s not rattled.

Amanda’s on the CL’s patio barking into her phone. I can’t move forward with the dead wife thing until I hear from you ~click~

** No proofreading of spellcheck. I know, shocking.

Devon knows Katherine put great thought into what she left people. He was stunned to inherit 2+ billion. She wanted me to have it and it’s changed my life completely. Elena and Devon agree that Chance and this lawyer are trying to destroy Kay’s legacy. Devon won’t sit back and let that happen.

Agreeing that Connor must be told that his grandpa’s dead, Chelsea adds that Adam feels the same way. If he’s responsible, Connor will be crushed.

Stunned to hear that Victor’s death is being investigated, Jack can’t believe Adam would kill his Father. He’s glad to see his little brother – did your hatred for Adam trigger your need to gamble? Jack’s proud of Billy for getting on top of it before it got worse. Billy’s learned to accept the things he can’t change. Jack wants to honour Victor’s legacy – let the cops determine who, if anyone, is to blame.

At CL’s, Lauren updates Mike that Fen’s in rehab and too embarrassed to see his Dad. Devon’s letting him rejoin the tour once he’s out. Though Lauren’s furious at Adam (who tipped them off) Mike warns her to stay away from him.

Connor idolizes Adam – how to I tell him he’s a criminal suspected of killing his grandfather. Do you really think Adam’s going to prison? Yes, if Nick has anything to say about it. Chelsea just wants to grab Connor and run (but swears she won’t) Nick will be there for them every step of the way ~hug~ Now he needs to go meet with his Mom and sister about the funeral.

Adam calls to badger Chelsea – you know what this is doing to me. I need to see my son.