Monday, September 23rd, 2019

Titan Falls – Daughter Arrested. At home, Adam sniffles as he reads the breaking news of his Father’s death online. You weren’t supposed to die, he mutters before continuing to read about the investigation.

This is a nightmare, Nikki frets to Victor. Adam planned this for a long time; killing you and framing Vikki. Victor sighs – he thought he was setting a trap but has only put his family in jeopardy. How can I live with myself?

At home, Traci’s stunned by the news Jack reads aloud. According to Chief Williams, the evidence against Vikki is ‘damning and compelling’. This cannot be, both agree – Victor’s daughter has always stood by him. But everyone has their limit, Traci points out what Jack was driven to by Ashley. There must be more to this, Jack’s puzzled.

When Sharon questions Rey at CL’s, he takes her aside to confide the evidence against Vikki. You think she was set up, Sharon guesses.

Billy marches into the ranch – what the hell happened? (seems he and Vikki were in on the plan all along) We’re as shocked as you are, Nikki points out. Victor asks Billy to stop venting and help them figure out what to do.

On the patio, Sharon defends Adam with an outrageous claim – he had no motive. She also doubts Rey’s objectivity when it comes to Adam.

Adam continues to read about Victor’s numerous charitable donations. When in doubt, throw your money around, he scoffs. In tears, he vents out loud about the Father he thinks tried to kill him.

Neither Victor nor Nikki expect Billy to have any compassion for Adam. He’s playing a different game, Billy warns – and if you won’t protect Vikki, I will.

Trying to make sense of it all, Jack recalls his last conversation with Victor. He seemed fine with stepping away from the company but the illness was affecting his mind. Perhaps he didn’t want to live a life he was losing control over. Traci holds his hand as Jack thinks of Dina’s decline.

After Nikki encourages kindness, Billy and Victor are able to see one another’s perspective. When Vikki calls, she asks to be put on speaker. I’ll be out soon – don’t do anything yet (like Billy’s idea to abort the plan)

A frustrated Billy is told to relax – trust that Vikki has things under control. It’s Adam that Billy doesn’t trust.

Back at the penthouse, Adam continues to blather on about his ‘ruthless’ Dad. He flashes back to his childhood; occasional visits from a man who brought gifts and had the same name as him. Oh where did it all go wrong?