Friday, September 27th, 2019

Adam thinks it too late to start over. Victor doesn’t – I’m willing to forgive you. Then what? The rest of the family won’t, Adam knows. He tried to reintegrate into the family but old grudges came back. He made a mistake by seeking custody of Christian. I succumb to my worst impulses. Telling Christian that I’m his father scared and confused the boy – and I did that just to get back at Nick. Victor made mistakes too. I switched your pills but after thinking I’d killed my own father, I looked into the mirror and saw who I was.

Connor thinks he’ll never see his Father again. Adam thinks it best for him but she disagrees. Maybe he can turn his life around, for his son’s sake. Nick can’t believe she believes that. Victor’s done horrible things and you forgave him, Chelsea reminds. Nick thinks Adam beyond redemption. When Chelsea repeatedly thinks Nick’s speaking out of grief, Nick finally blurts out that his Father’s alive.

Needless to say, Chelsea’s pissed that Nick didn’t let her in on the plan to entrap Adam (to confess) You thought I’d tell Adam? Protect me? My son’s going through hell right now thinking his Grandpa’s dead. You did this to exact revenge on your brother!

At CL’s, Elena confides in Nate – she’s angry at Amanda and will tell her so if she sees her again. Nate just told her off for both of them. Devon was doing so well until this Hilary doppelganger showed up, Elena worries. Neither are convinced Devon’s as ‘fine’ as he claims to be. Hopefully, this will thing is resolved soon.

Britney reassures Devon – she feels good about this. Amanda’s client hasn’t even made an appearance and she hasn’t produced the supposed real pages of Katherine’s will. True, we can’t take anything for granted – but as soon as we see her cards, we’ll pounce. Brit’s sorry Devon has to go through this so soon after losing his Father. She then answers the door to shake Amanda’s hand and engage in some verbal sparring.

Devon’s surprised when Cane shows up with Jill but invites him in. Both are stunned to see Amanda – is this some kind of joke? No – it’s a serious matter, and Amanda assumes they’d all want Kay’s will executed per her wishes. Jill knew Katherine better than anyone so will tell Amanda exactly what she’d think of all this – and YOU.

You set up a test and I failed it, disappointed you again, Adam sees a glum future for himself. Victor asks how he can walk away from Connor (and no, he didn’t abandon Adam – it was Hope’s wish to raise him) I don’t deserve that wonderful boy, Adam sulks. Victor again admits that he’s done terrible things too – there’s always a way back. Your Mother was a wonderful woman – that sweet boy from Kansas is in there somewhere.

Britney does NOT agree that a Judge would find Amanda’s appearance irrelevant. Chance overnighted me Kay’s real will, Amanda will have them authenticated. Jill remains adamant that Kay wanted Devon to inherit her fortune. Enough of this – Devon just wants to get to the reason they’re all there.

Amanda reads the alternate version of Kay’s will. A quarter of her estate goes to Murphy… Another quarter is split between Brock, Mac, Devon, Philip 3rd, Philip 4th and Nina. What about the other half? 2 and a half billion goes to Cane Ashby (who looks as shocked as everyone else)

Nick’s sorry. He should have told Chelsea. But it all happened so fast. Chelsea doesn’t think it right to call Adam a murderer – they should have gone to the police. Your little charade cost Connor his Father. I hope it was worth it.

Adam thinks there’s nothing left to say. Victor relays doing everything in his power to bring him back home after learning he was alive. In tears, Adam only ever wanted his father to love and respect him. I’m sorry. I know, Victor whispers. Adam hopes his Dad can forgive him some day. Nikki bursts in – Mike’s coming. Looking up to see that Adam isn’t in the room, Victor looks devastated. He’s imagined the entire conversation.