Thursday, September 26th, 2019

Nick’s not at Adam’s to take the bait or fight. Why is he here? It’s what our Father would want.

Meanwhile, at the ranch, Vikki and her parents discuss the next move; Nick going to see Adam. Victor has faith that Nick can keep his cool and faith in their plan. Nikki hates having to pretend he’s dead – but Victor sees a bright side; attending his own funeral.

In Society’s kitchen, Kyle thanks Lola for lunch and blames being distracted the past few days on Victor’s death; it hit him harder than he realized. Kyle now appreciates his life.

At TGP, Phyllis gives Theo a folder and demands he memorize the social media policy. You’re not my boss. Theo agrees that he wasn’t overly sympathetic when Phyllis lost her share/role in the hotel. Yeah, well, I’m back, she clip-clops off.

Mike and Kevin chat at CL’s. Mourning Victor (and the mess his death left behind) the DA can’t move against Adam right now but is certain he’s the one who tampered with Victor’s medication. You and Chloe are free, I’m not, he frowns.

Nick’s honoring Dad’s wishes – extending an invitation to the funeral. To the guy you said was the biggest disappointment in Dad’s life, Adam scoffed. Unapologetic, Nick will never know what Victor saw in Adam. himself, Adam quips. No – Dad had a heart, a soul. He never gave up on you – always believed there was good in you. You owe it to him to prove him right. If there’s a shred of decency inside you, do the right thing (come to the funeral next week)

Alone again, Adam decides not to break a mug. Instead, he sumps to the floor for a little cry.

Even though it’s fake, Vikki and Nikki will find the funeral hard. Neither shares Victor’s certainty that Adam’s conscience will kick in once he sees the grief he’s caused. I know my son – he’ll be riddled with guilt. Victor hides as Summer runs in to hug Vikki – it’s not going to be alright grandma. Nothing will ever be OK again with grandpa gone.

Back at Society, Kyle’s not sure he was of much help to Summer. Lola’s glad they’re able to be friends again. Kyle wishes Summer wasn’t dating Theo. He’s a ticking time bomb.

Adam puts his baseball glove down to answer his door. Phyllis walks in to immediately spot a suitcase – what’s it doing here? Waiting to be picked up and carried out the door, Adam declares. You can’t go away on vacation, Phyllis insists that this is the perfect time for Adam to take control of NE (with Victor’s family distracted by his death) Phyllis isn’t perturbed at being thought cold and heartless – but she is perturbed to realize that Adam’s leaving town for good.

How’s my favorite PR exec? Theo asks when a ‘busy’ Mariah meets him at TGP. With the exception of Zoe (a fluke), Theo claims to be good at picking winners. That said, he’d like Mariah’s input on Indio and Tallulah’s media profiles. Mariah thinks working the ‘flattery angle’ must be exhausting for Theo – and were your ‘creative juices flowing’ when you hit on my girlfriend?

Kevin thought Fen was on a music tour. He was – until he started using – which lead to dealing, Mike confides. Adam’s holding evidence on Fen over Mike’s head. Lauren managed to get him in rehab. If she wants to go after Adam, tell her to call me – No, Kevin won’t ‘stay out of this’. Mike saved Chloe and now Kevin will return the favour. Adam’s going down.

Phyllis accuses Adam of running away (from his guilt) Crushing Victor’s legacy no longer holds the same appeal to Adam. Even dead, Victor’s still the victor, Phyllis isn’t happy. You aren’t going to do anything stupid, are you? That depends on what you consider stupid, Adam’s coy.

Victor continues to eavesdrop as Summer mourns the grandfather she feels she let down. I wish I’d told him how much he meant to me. He knew, Vikki and Nikki reassure. Who will hold us all up now? I will, Nick arrives to hug Summer and report inviting Adam to the funeral (which surprises Summer) After she leaves for a meeting, Victor rejoins his wife and kids to say he’s sorry about putting the family through this – it won’t be much longer.

OK – find yourself, lose yourself – I’ll be here when you realize how bored you are without me (here as in – staying in this penthouse) You never quit, Adam chuckles with the only person he might actually miss. No, I don’t quit but you do, Phyllis persists. No farewell party? No hug? A drink? Declining all offers, Adam hands her the keys on his way out – try not to wreck the place.

Theo was just being friendly with Tessa – maybe he’s a natural flirt. I’m not a bad dude. Maybe I should talk to Tessa? No – no don’t, Mariah’s firm. She sees pros than cons to working with Theo – but one step out of line and I swear …. Not a toe, Theo vows – scouts honour. When Summer joins them, Mariah extends sincere condolences and leaves Theo to say that he has the perfect way to make her feel better.