Friday, September 27th, 2019

At home, Chelsea and Nick briefly discuss Connor – then Adam being invited to Victor’s funeral. He won’t be there, Chelsea informs that he’s leaving town. Running away from what he’s done, Nick concludes.

Adam appears at the ranch as Victor sits at his chessboard. How long have you known I’m alive? How’d you find out? Doesn’t matter – Adam had to come to see for himself and say that he’s leaving town (a decision he made before learning that Victor’s alive) Knowing Adam tampered with his medication, Victor wonders whether he planned to kill him.

At CL’s, Jill tells Cane that she’s been trying to reach Tucker. Oh – you don’t know – Kay’s will is being contested.

Ready for work, Elena’s sorry she can’t attend Devon’s meeting today. No worries – he’s hired a good lawyer; Britney. Hopefully, this will be over soon.

Nate stares down at Amanda at Society. We’ve established I’m not a ghost, now, what do you want? she asks.

Amanda’s insulted at Nate’s suggestion that Philip hired her because of her looks as opposed to her legal skills. You’re all over the news as the doctor who let Victor Newman die. Nate’s not impressed with her attempt at deflection.

Chelsea continues to fret about Connor – he lost Calvin, Victor, now Adam. He loves his son, she wonders why he’s leaving town. Nick guesses he wants to stay out of prison and will settle for never seeing Adam again.

Victor was hoping Adam would find a sliver of humanity inside. Yes, his siblings knew he was alive. Did you all hope I’d slip up and go to prison? You committed a crime, Victor points out. What did you think would happen when I got my memory back? Adam wonders. Victor hoped for peace – not Adam declaring war on his family. You crossed the line. YOU pushed me to do what I did by hiring someone to run me down. Victor denies hiring anyone to kill Adam.

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Jill’s sure this irritating nonsense over Kay’s will will be resolved soon. Ms Sinclair claims a portion of the will was forged. She’ll be producing the real pages today. We’re meeting at Devon’s later. No one will dishonour Kay’s last wishes on my watch, Jill vows.

Elena wanted to smack that smug look off Amanda’s face last night. Instead, she’ll channel her energy into her patients. That woman’s a grifter, Elena’s furious that Amanda’s trying to take advantage of Devon. He promises not to let her or any of this get to her.

Amanda leaves Society talking on her phone. Having just received delivery of the original will pages, she doesn’t like surprises.

Adam thinks it a nice touch – luring him out to the spot where he ran over Delia. It’s just the two of us – did you want me dead or were you sending a message. Victor again denies the accusation. I don’t hate you son. I’ll never forget that you took a bullet for me. Adam admires the show Victor put on. Thinking he’d killed his Father was too much – there’s no coming back from this. Adam stands to leave – there’s nothing you can do to make me feel worse than I already do. You don’t have to leave town, Victor believes there’s always a way back.

Back at CL’s, Cane and Jill are both impressed with the work he’s doing. Who knew I had a knack for ex-cons? Guess I should thank my Dad for that. Jill would rather not talk about Collin (but the divorce wasn’t a nasty one) She can’t believe this attorney’s working with Chance (Amanda claims he’s the one who found the real will pages) Cane offers to go to Devon’s with Jill for moral support.