Monday, September 30, 2019

Nikki urgently tries to get Victor to go upstairs before Mike arrives. Unconcerned, Victor says it’s alright. You’re alive, Mike walks in to state the obvious. I am indeed, Victor confirms.

At Nick’s, Chelsea’s furious that he lied to her. All you and your family care about is your plan to take Adam down. You broke my trust and hurt my son. Nothing you can say or do will change that.

Phyllis thanks Summer for meeting her (at TGP) She’s worried about her daughter – who’s grieving the loss of her grandfather. Summer wonders why her Mom’s volunteering to attend Victor’s memorial with her – do you have a reason that has nothing to do with supporting me???

All are stunned by what Amanda’s just readout. Kay loved you, no offense – but even Jill doesn’t get why she’d leave her fortune to Cane (who’s equally shocked and only came for moral support) Handed the paperwork, Devon and Britney protest – this isn’t an original copy of the will; it’s a photocopy.

Rey was hoping he’d catch Sharon at CL’s – he needs help. With what? she asks. Adam.

It really is you – you didn’t die, Mike hugs Victor. This was a plot to smoke out Adam for tampering with your medication, he realizes. Flashback to Victor and Nikki gathering the family and Nate to explain that his medication dose had been doubled. By Adam – he came by to call a truce – a ruse to get inside the ranch to switch the med bottles. We need to make him think he succeeded – and killed Victor. It’s a trap to make Adam pay for his crimes. Why not arrest him? There’s no evidence – and Victor wants to see if Adam has any regrets. This can only work with your support. All reluctantly agree. Summer can’t know – she might go to Phyllis. Vikki? Nikki’s left several messages. Summer then arrives for the fake family meeting – followed by Adam. Back to realtime, Victor will explain the rest of the plot once the others arrive.

Try to see this from my perspective, Nick appeals to Chelsea. He then gets a text summoning him to the ranch. Go ahead – family first, Chelsea sends him off with a scowl.

Amanda concedes – it’s not what you were expecting – the original copy will be sent soon. She kept this meeting with Mr Hamilton so he’d know the details. Mr Chancellor wants the truth out and Katherine’s wishes carried out – and to expose that Tucker McCall altered the will in Devon’s favour. Amanda understands this must be emotional. Jill rails on her – my son (Chance) wouldn’t do this. Britney will have the ‘original’ will verified. No, we’re not ‘done’ here, Devon corrects Amanda.

Phyllis insists her attending the memorial is all about Summer. Will you comfort Adam too? No, Phyllis didn’t know he was invited. He left town. He may have killed my grandfather, Summer declares Adam a monster. He’s complicated, like his Father, Phyllis agrees – she sees good in Adam the way Summer does in Victor. Summer doesn’t want to hear it – we’re all better off without Adam.

No, Sharon hasn’t heard from Adam – why? There was a development in the investigation into Victor’s death, is all Rey can say. Looking back, Sharon suspects Adam’s goodbye indicated he might be leaving town.

What’s this about and what’s Mike doing here? the Newman’s wonder. Paul arrives to share news – the pharmacist Adam paid to provide the increased dosage of pills and blame Vikki confessed when arrested trying to flee the country. Victor has news too – you can’t go arrest Adam. He came to apologize and say he’s leaving town. Where is he now? Victor let him go. Nikki’s jaw drops.

Devon thinks this all sounds ridiculous. Amanda should think long and hard before pursuing this. No, this isn’t a threat, Britney jumps in to say. We’ll be speaking again soon Ms Hodges, she leaves the group silent and shocked.