Thursday, September 26th, 2019

Back at CL’s, a disapproving Mike wonders what Kevin can do to stop Adam. You can’t murder anyone these days without leaving a digital trail – and if anyone can follow it, it’s me, Kevin boasts. Mike will wait til Adam screws up, then nail him. Determined to assist, Kevin ignores Mike’s protesting to go say hello to Paul (and ask for his old job back)

Adam’s asked Chelsea to meet him in the park. He’s sorry he told Connor that his grandfather died. His emotions took over. Chelsea understands; she could see that and knows Adam loves Connor. She’s surprised when he announces that he’s leaving GC – did you have something to do with Victor’s death? And what about Connor? No, Adam’s not taking his son with him – he finally agrees with everyone else; he’s better off without me.

You want me to hire you to work on the GCPD after hiding a fugitive for over a year? Paul’s incredulous. Allegedly, Kevin chimes in. If he DID hide Chloe, that gives him insight into bad guys. You ARE a bad guy, Paul doesn’t believe that Kevin’s ‘reformed’ but unable to deny that Kevin’s more skilled than his current tech guy, Paul abruptly caves in. Pointing his finger in Kevin’s face, Paul offers the same salary – and I’ll be watching you. I’ll be a model employee, an excited Kevin promises. And with a quick glance at Mike, he already has some thoughts on the Victor Newman case. I’m way ahead of you, Paul replies.

Theo’s brought Summer to a suite at TGP – all these condolences must be making your head explode. She’s not impressed with the champagne on ice or Theo’s advances – my Aunt’s been framed by my Uncle for killing my grandfather and you want to have sex!? Are you kidding me right now? I’m grieving!

Hating what Summer’s going through, Nick’s at least relieved he doesn’t have to lie to Noah. Vikki told Reed the truth (she couldn’t like after what happened with JT) Nikki’s sure Summer will understand. Victor’s heart breaks for Connor (who’ll likely lose his Dad again when Adam goes to prison) How did he react when invited to the funeral? Nick didn’t see any indication that anything he said got through to Adam.

You’re abandoning Connor? Chelsea’s pissed. Am I supposed to beg you to stay? Adam’s leaving for Connor’s sake. He’s a lousy parent – Connor deserves better. Chelsea honestly believed Adam loved his son. Adam does – that’s why he’s giving Connor the same gift he gave Christian; a chance at a happy life (without all his crap) Chelsea won’t be the one to crush Connor – YOU tell him to his face that you’re leaving!

Kyle should really get to work. Lola too ~kiss~ Her bandaid noticed, Lola shrugs it off without mentioning Theo.

Theo admits he might have gone about it the wrong way (helping Summer deal with her grief) – but what’s the right way? Not sex – it helped Summer to talk to Kyle; he was sensitive and understanding. Theo was sensitive when opening up about his Dad – until Summer went running off to see Kyle. Well, at least he doesn’t think getting naked is the answer to everything, Summer adds. He doesn’t get naked with you because he has a wife, not because he’s Mr Sensitive, Theo points out.

Connor’s surprised when Chelsea brings Adam home (to Nick’s) After she leaves them to talk, Adam delivers the bad news – I have to leave GC. I’m not coming back. I know this is hard buddy. Connor cries – take me with you. I won’t be any trouble. If it’s because of Mom, take her to court. That’s not it, Adam explains – I can’t be the Dad you need. No, you’ve done nothing wrong, Adam stammers – you’re a perfect kid. When Chelsea returns, Connor pleads with her – make him stay! Nick will be an incredible Father to you, Adam sniffles. Connor doesn’t want Nick to be his Dad – I want you! After Connor runs upstairs, Chelsea glares at Adam; I hope you’re happy.

Victor has hopes that Adam would show remorse. He could still prove you right, Nikki gives him a hug – but after Victor goes upstairs to bed, Nikki tells the kids that she doesn’t expect Adam to give his Father the ending he’s hoping for.

Back at CL’s, Paul ends a call and tells Mike that the pharmacist didn’t give them the real story. He had her followed – to the airport. She was trying to leave the country and now has a different story to tell.

Adam’s about to leave Nick’s when he gets a troubling text message.