Wednesday, September 25th, 2019

At TGP, Abby, Nate, Tessa and Mariah have joined Devon in celebrating Elena’s birthday. Champagne flutes are raised as Devon toasts to the ‘miracle worker’ who saved his life. Cheers. After Abby goes to get the cake, Nate and Elena talk animatedly while Devon doesn’t get to warn Mariah in time – she’s stunned to come face to face with Amanda Sinclair.

In Society’s kitchen, Lola hands Rey a bag of food and fishes for info on whether he’s dating any of the women she sent his way. In no need of a matchmaker, Rey kisses his sister and takes a call as he exits.

Also at Society, Jack and Sharon run into each other. He’s surprised that she has empathy for a family that wasn’t kind to her. The only Newman he’s talked to is Nikki. Hard to believe your own flesh ad blood can turn on you like that.

Only now, in Kyle’s office, will Summer read the Breaking News online (that everyone else has read) Why now? Because Summer knows if she falls apart, Kyle will put her back together again.

Mariah’s stunned by Hilary’s doppelganger. You’re a ghost and you don’t even know it. You have to leave, now. When Deavon appears, Amanda suggests he gather everyone who knows this Hilary person so they can gawk all at once.

Sharon lists the titan’s they’ve lost; Katherine, Neil, Victor. Jack speaks of Victor with respect. Sharon drinks and makes faces.

Summer gushes about her grandfather; she’s received so many kind messages of condolences. Kyle also has kind things to say about Victor. Both reminisce. You’re the only person who gets it – Summer’s happy he stuck around tonight. Me too, Kyle says softly.

Amanda knows who Mariah is; she looked up a few episodes of her show with Hilary. There’s a vague resemblance. Mariah’s suspicious – is this a twisted game to mess with Devon’s head? Amanda is here to conduct legal business and won’t leave until she’s finished. Elena appears to suggest she stop grandstanding and let them enjoy their evening. Not so fast, Amanda has something to say that they’ll want to hear. She’s not leaving until they listen to every word.

Back at Society, Jack tells Sharon about a recent visit with his Mom that inspired him to want to write the Abbott family history. He can’t wait to get started. He wonders if Sharon gained any clarity in Sedona. Yes, she realized that she can’t be with Adam. Jack approves – and what about Rey?

Amanda received a text from her client, Philip Chancellor. He won’t be joining them but he’s sending his original copy of Katherine’s will. Enjoy your party, Amanda leaves a worried Mariah to hug her friend, Devon.

At CL’s, Sharon lets Rey know that she saw Adam but didn’t talk to him about the investigation. She also gives a long-winded spiel about finally being over him.

Kyle picks Summer’s brain about Jabot’s expansion into the Asian market. Typing on his tablet, he can barely keep up with her ideas. Jack’s surprised to find them working so late. Summer goes overboard in joking about this new, kinder Kyle.

You’re not welcome in my kitchen, Lola says then grants Theo a minute. He wants his friend back. Lola wheels around with a large knife.