Monday, September 30, 2019

Victor saw a change in Adam’s eyes – he’s not beyond redemption. So, you let him get a head start on the authorities, Mike concludes disapprovingly. He slipped out while my head was turned, Victor claims. Paul’s not happy – he went along with this plan to see justice done. You were wrong about Adam – you’ll regret this, he warns. Victor’s sorry about all this but hopes Nike will do him a favour.

Not hearing her phone (a call from Nick) Summer continues to sulk as Phyllis calls Chelsea over to gloat – Adam didn’t tell you he left town? Chelsea pretends to know and excuses herself. Summer scolds her Mom for upsetting Chelsea. She misses an urgent ‘call me’ message from her Dad as Phyllis suggests they get a massage.

Devon thanks Britney – who likes their odds. This whole thing seems bogus. She’d somewhat believe Kay leaving her money to Mac – but Cane’s not even a blood relative. Everyone’s phone goes off at once – breaking news.

Summer, Phyllis and Chelsea gather to watch – Rye and Sharon are at CL’s – Mike’s on TV to announce that the charges against Victoria Newman have been dropped – there was no murder. Victor then announces that he had to fake his death for …. reasons… Thanks for the outpouring of concern – please respect the family’s privacy. Did you know!? Sharon whips around to ask Rey. No, he turns to face Paul – did you? Summer weeps – how did I not know? Why didn’t anyone tell me? No, Chelsea didn’t know – OK, Nick told her an hour ago. Furious, Phyllis marches out – don’t try to stop me. I’m coming with you, Summer follows.

Victor thanks Mike for his help. He still doesn’t think it cool that Adam was allowed to escape justice so will go back to his office to prosecute real crimes.

Paul explains that Victor created this ruse to force Adam into confessing. He’s still at large – for now. Sharon runs off to call Nick – leaving Rey to ask Paul – what the hell? Meet me at the station, Paul exits. On the patio, Sharon’s on the phone with Nick – she’s worried about the kids. Noah already knows – Faith’s leaving boarding school to attend her grandfather’s funeral!

Summer runs in to hug her grandfather. I’m so sorry, Victor apologizes – then Nick; he tried to reach her before ut hit the news. Phyllis enters to blast all. You make me sick. How dare you do this to my daughter!? she snarls at Victor.

Typical Victor, Jill’s sarcastic – that sonofabitch. She’s sure Chance wouldn’t do anything underhanded – we only have Amanda’s say so that he hired her. Devon’s not so sure. Maybe someone convinced Chance – who stands to gain from this? Cane.

Cane would never do such a thing, Jill protests. Cane agrees – he’d never tarnish Kay’s memory like this. Devon apologizes – this whole thing is messing with his head. Cane will go find Chance and resolve this once and for all – where was he last seen? In Vegas, with Adam.

Sharon ends a call with Faith to update Rey – she’s relieved but has questions; which she can ask Nick. You must feel betrayed – spinning your wheels trying to solve a bogus case. Nothing surprises her when it comes to the Newman family but she didn’t see this one coming.

Phyllis continues to blast the Newmans – you didn’t tell Summer because you thought she might blab to me. You lied to me, Summer’s now pissed. Phyllis can’t believe Nick put their daughter in this position – just to get rid of Adam. Mission accomplished. Are you ready? she leads Summer out. Give her some space, the family stops Nick from following. Victor thanks God that it’s over now. Is it really? Nick wonders. Victor hopes so.

Spider, are you in? a man’s voice asks. I call, Adam’s seated at a poker table.