Tuesday, October 1st, 2019

At Jabot, Kyle and Summer are both supportive of Billy’s return to work as they mention the merger with Ashley’s company being complete. Jack arrives to roll his eyes at Victor being alive – The Mustache isn’t the only one capable of pulling off a surprise, he smiles mysteriously.

There’s so much garbage on the internet, Victor grumbles until Nikki removes the tablet from his hands. If you hadn’t made Adam believe you were dead, you would have ended up dead – there’ll be a new scandal tomorrow, she’s glad Adam’s gone and wants Victor to focus on another threat that hasn’t left town.

Rey’s summoned Paul to the park to lecture him on breaking the rules (after being so hard on him for doing the same) What’s up with that ‘Chief’?

At Nick’s, Chelsea’s not done being pissed off. We can make Connor understand, Nick implores. But how can Chelsea make her son trust Nick when she doesn’t trust him herself??

Paul bent the rules – but he’s the boss so it’s OK. He did what he thought was best. I don’t have to justify myself to you, Paul didn’t put three women in danger. At least Rey busted JT when he broke the rules. You know Adam won’t stay gone, he marches off.

The disease is still a threat to your health, Nikki reminds her darling. Stop reading nonsense online – Vikki’s got everything under control – let her do her job. Victor won’t turn his back on NE. And yes, he’s worried about Summer. I have to get through to her.

Jack’s surprise? All in good time. He needs to iron out a few things. Summer doesn’t want to discuss her grandfather and Kyle saves her under the guise of having work to do. In the hallway, he lends support for what Summer’s going through.

At CL’s, Sharon vents to Mariah. The drama that surrounds the Newman family drives people away (like Noah and Faith) Some people come back, Mariah observes Rey’s arrival.

Still in the office, Billy assures a concerned Jack that he’s OK but he can’t do this anymore. He didn’t check into rehab – he was dealing with something more destructive than a gambling addiction; he had a break with reality and created a dark alter ego who did bad things. What bad things? Jack asks. I almost killed Adam, Billy confides.

In the reception area outside Jack’s office, Kyle praises Summer – and she thanks him for his support. Theo doesn’t know my family the way you do but he did what he could. Kyle gets the impression that wasn’t enough.

Mariah encourages/pressures Sharon to forget the evil Adam and make amends with the wholesome Rey (who she then loudly calls over) I can’t believe you just did that, Sharon hisses as he comes over.