Tuesday, October 1st, 2019

Chelsea will never understand how Nick did this to Connor. Adam was guilty – he confessed to Dad before he left town, Nick’s there for Connor (who he loves like his own) Chelsea will do what’s best for her son. We can get through this and raise our sons together, Nick pleads – don’t give up on us. Sending him off to deal with ‘New Hope’, Chelsea won’t allow a kiss.

Billy shares (nearly) all with Jack – something stopped him from killing Adam and Vikki’s the one who saved him. He’s in therapy and won’t let Adam take any more from him. Billy will never stop missing Dee but feels better than he has in a long time. Jack’s glad to have the old Billy back ~hug~

Suddenly having a meeting to get to, the not so subtle Mariah leaves Rey to whine to Sharon (about Paul and Adam) This is where you tell me I’m being too hard on that bastard. Sharon doesn’t know where Adam is and agrees that he should be punished.

Back at Nick’s, Chelsea has confusing news for Connor – grandpa’s alive. Look – she shows him the headline online. What a wonderful gift. Connor wants to tell his Dad so he can come back. Chelsea doesn’t know where Adam is and that’s not why he left town. He knew Victor was alive when he left town. Why is everyone lying to me!? Connor stomps off.

Still at home, Victor leaves yet another message for Summer. Give her more time, Nikki wonders if he’ll reach out to Adam too. No, he made his choice and Victor thinks it best Adam makes a life somewhere else. Despite everything, he believes the decisions he’s made have paid off. Paul appears to disagree.

Angered that the integrity of his police force has been compromised, Paul gripes about Victor letting Adam go. I staked my entire reputation on your word – and the GCPD has yet another false arrest on its record. No more favours, Paul growls – and one more thing, I’m truly glad you’re still with us, he shakes Victor’s hand before leaving.

If your Dad wanted to be here he would be, Chelsea refuses to give Connor her phone to call him. After he stomps upstairs, Summer arrives and surprises Chelsea by going upstairs to speak to the boy.

Now that Sharon’s taken a step back she realizes that she basically enabled Adam. Rey’s relieved that he doesn’t have as tight a hold on her as he feared. Sharon believes it’s for the best that Adam’s gone and shares Rey’s hope that it’s for good. Nick then interrupts insisting he speak to her.

Kyle and Billy have been summoned back to Jack’s office to hear that Ashley’s not returning to take on an executive role at Jabot. He then surprises his son and brother by announcing that he’s taking a step back from the company.

Rey and I were in the middle of something – but hearing it’s about Faith, Sharon leads the way to the patio. Thanks, Nick says as he claps Rey’s arm in passing. On the patio, Sharon updates that she’s going to visit Faith on the weekend – you’re a good Dad, you just screwed up. These scars may never go away, she gently warns Nick.

Jack will no longer be involved in the day to day running of Jabot. He’ll be working with Traci to tell the story of John and Dina. Kyle and Billy will run Jabot together. Neither looks pleased.

Back at the ranch, Victor continues to mope about the rift he’s caused in the family between those who were in on the plan and those who weren’t. Not to worry, Nikki has a plan of her own.

Summer comes down to inform Chelsea that she bonded with Connor – we were both lied to. Let him be angry; he’s entitled to be. So are you, Nick appears to apologize. That won’t fix this, Summer’s pissed that everyone in the family knew, even Noah. She won’t forgive being treated like an outsider. After she marches out, Nick’s left to hope that he hasn’t wrecked everything (meaning Chelsea)

** My recording abruptly cut off at this point. It may be due to stormy weather, or the end of the show **