Wednesday, October 2nd, 2019

After a disgruntled business associate hangs up on her, Vikki frets to her Mom (at the office) – Victor’s scheme has caused fallout for the company that she fears she won’t be able to fix anytime soon.

At home, Chelsea updates Nick that Connor barely spoke to her when she made him breakfast. Time doesn’t heal everything and no, it’s too soon to take him to see his grandfather. Nick wants to give Chelsea the space she requested but will do whatever it takes to make things right. We can talk tonight, Chelsea suggests. Nick has a family gathering to attend. No, Chelsea doesn’t want to go.

In the park, Phyllis predicts it’ll be a long time before Summer’s able to accept her Dad’s apology. Stop – Summer knows what her Mom’s doing and it’s not going to work.

Kevin and Chloe are enjoying drinks at TGP’s lounge and wondering where Adam is. Hell, they clink glasses – cheers to that.

His Mom might be worried but Connor doesn’t care what the kids say to him at school. And when Chelsea sympathizes with the recent upheaval in his life, Connor wishes they didn’t come back to GC. We’ll get through this – together, she assures. Without responding, Connor and his attitude exit.

Nick’s at the penthouse expecting an earful from Devon (who doesn’t appreciate being duped into thinking Victor was dead – but that’s not what’s bothering him)

Chelsea sits to chat with Kevin and Chloe. How is she? She’s been better – Adam’s gone, Victor’s alive – welcome to lif in GC! she quips. Connor? He’s angry and shouldn’t have to process this madness. Kevin and Chloe have no love for Adam but will do anything they can to support Chelsea (who offers Chloe the job of marketing director at TGP) Yes! That would be a dream gig – thank you! Chloe’s thrilled. Good – Chelsea needs to surround herself with people who have her back.

Back at NE, Vikki whines about meetings and deals being canceled. Nikki’s sure it will all blow over in time. Vikki’s not so sure – this company could be in big trouble. How’s Dad? Upset – and Nikki can’t hide that she’s worried about Victor’s health. She’ll take care of things on the home front – you take care of NE. Vikki thinks that a good plan.

Why does Summer always accuse Phyllis of having an ulterior motive? Because she usually does. Ok, but Phyllis can’t help being mad at Nick. Summer’s mad too – but she has other people to talk to; Kyle and Theo. But we have a special Mother/daughter bond, Phyllis empathizes. Summer’s grateful she can lean on her Mom (who has an idea that will make her daughter feel better)

Summer’s almost afraid to ask what this idea is. Phyllis suggests a girls’ night. Grandma and Grandpa asked the family to come over – but Summer’s not going over to hear more apologies and excuses so Phyllis has herself a date.

Still at the office, Nikki praises Vikki – who feels spending the night in jail was well worth getting rid of Adam (though she doesn’t agree with Dad letting him go) Yes, she and Billy will be there tonight – but one family gathering won’t fix this. Nikki won’t allow Adam to succeed in causing a rift in the family.

Devon shares how sad he was to hear Victor had died – but was comforted to think he was up there with Katherine, Neil and Hilary. Nick’s getting his Dad back makes Devon miss his loved ones even more (he wont be getting them back) Sincerely sorry, Nick confides the problems it’s caused with Summer, Connor and Chelsea (who’s barely speaking to him) Take action – show her how you feel, Devon encourages.

After Chloe goes shopping for new clothes for her new job, Chelsea needs to speak to Kevin about something he can’t tell anyone (except Chloe because they have no secrets) Confiding that she inherited 10 million from Calvin, Chelsea invested some of it, gave some to her Mom – but she still has suitcases of cash that need ‘a wash’. Kevin’s the only person Chelsea can trust to do this for her.

Kevin’s surprised Chelsea’s not laundering the money herself (since she was such a good con artist) He doesn’t want to risk losing his ‘normal’ life or job with the GCPD. Laundering millions is out of Chelsea’s league. She needs this money to provide security for herself and Connor. Kevin wants to provide for Bella too. Chelsea offers him 10% – that should make things easier for your family. Kevin agrees but not asap – slowly and safely. With a hug, Chelsea will never forget Kevin doing this favour for her.

Actions speak louder than words, Nick sums up Devon’s wise advice. Surprised to hear that Kay’s will is supposedly forged, he’ll help in any way he can. Devon appreciates – Amanda Sinclair looks exactly like Hilary – it’s messing with his head (which is exactly what the person who hired her intended) It’s Nick’s turn to give wise advice – don’t let her get under your skin. She’s not Hilary. They now discuss the opening of their new building. Oops – Nick forgot to get the final building inspection necessary to get the permit to open the doors. No worries – I’ve got this.