Thursday, October 3rd, 2019

Mike drops by the ranch to note the Newmans are all dressed up. Family gettogether. Any second thoughts on letting Adam go? No. Then Mike hopes at least that Victor’s keeping tabs on his whereabouts in case he attacks the family again. Victor will handle this his way.

At Society, Rey wishes justice didn’t depend on how rich you are. He’s also pissed off that Paul was so hard on him for bending the rules then enlisting the department into the Newman murder mystery dinner theater. Look at Summer; basking in the attention. Lola defends Summer – she was lied to as well. Spotting Sharon at the door, she urges Rey to go talk to her.

Before leaving for work, Elena vents about the annoying Amanda Sinclair – you should blow off this meeting; hire a team of lawyers to show her who she’s dealing with. Devon needs answers and Amanda might be the only one who has them.

Greeting Nate with a kiss (at TGP) Abby invites him to a house party – at the ranch. Just for a while. How long’s a while? Nate doesn’t look enthused. Nick interrupts looking for Summer. She’ll come around, Abby’s sure. After she and Nate leave, Cane comes to ask Nick if he knows where Adam is (as he might know where Chance is) Unhelpful, Nick hurries off.

Asked how she’s doing, Summer makes a joke but admits being lied to by her family hurts. When Lola offers support, Summer thanks her and walks off to answer her phone. When Mariah arrives to meet Sharon, Lola convinces her to leave (so Rey and Sharon can continue talking). But, before she’s hustled out through the kitchen, Mariah gets a text from her Mom (who knows exactly what she’s doing) Work your magic, Summer leaves Lola to smile at Rey and Sharon.

At TGP, Cane accosts Amanda – he’s not on board with whatever she’s trying to pull …. What’s going on here? Devon asks. Cane was asking Amanda to drop the case. If you’ll excuse us … Devon dismisses Cane and tries to make things ‘cool’ with Amanda. He needs more proof than she’s provided but willing to consider that she’s acting in good faith, suggests they get some answers together.

Drink in hand, Mike chats with Vikki and Billy when they arrive at the ranch; updating that Chloe and Bella are well; Kevin’s working for the GCPD again. Sorry he can’t stay – Mike bids the Newmans goodbye. As Vikki and Nikki watch on nervously, Billy wastes little time needling Victor – how’d that plan to bring Adam to his knees work out? Watch your back. Victor suggests Billyboy focus on his putting his own life back together. Keep up the good work – hopefully, nothing happens to shatter the illusion.

Lola catches Rey watching Sharon – are you waiting for an engraved invitation??? She steps aside when Cane comes along to ask what he knows about Adam’s connection to Chance. They had a mutual friend Riza Thompson – don’t expect her to talk much. Thanks, Cane leaves. As Rey joins Sharon’s table, Lola looks delighted.

When Abby arrives with Nate, Victor’s taken out for a medical examination. That leaves Nick and Abby to whine about their partners having a hard time getting used to the Newman family drama.

Phyllis brings Summer back to Adam’s penthouse. Yes, he knows – he gave me the keys. And now, we’ll drink expensive wine, pig out on junk food and watch trashy TV – maybe facials. Phyllis appreciates Summer choosing the spend the evening with her instead of the Newmans. They lie, all for the good of the family – give parties to wipe away any hard feelings. They make up their own rules then break them. Summer didn’t come here for this. And she’s not comfortable being in the space Adam concocted numerous plots against her family. You’re housesitting for a criminal – what are you thinking???

Handed a drink, Amanda thinks this a much nicer way to do business. She had no intention of manipulating Devon. He understands it can’t be easy to have everyone look at her like a ghost. Yes, a lot of people cared about Hilary. When Devon offers to tell her more about Hilary, Amanda would like that – very much.

Look at this place – gorgeous view – how could I say no? Phyllis munches on snacks she’s brought out. Doesn’t it bother you at all that Adam tried to kill my grandfather? It was a hoax – he’s not dead, Phyllis also implies that her daughter’s not so innocent either. Oh, that’s my fault? That’s rich, she goes to the door to get rid of whoever’s knocking. When Cane barges in demanding to discuss Adam, Summer escapes. Looks like your schedule just cleared up, Cane snickers.

As the Newmans chat, Victor returns to announce his clean bill of health. When Nick informs that Chelsea won’t be joining them because she needs to be with an upset Connor, Victor hopes she one day changes her mind; otherwise, Connor may never see the ranch. Nick will leave that decision in Chelsea’s hands. Victor agrees with Abby, if Chelsea has something to say, she should say it to his face. Now, let’s clear the air – does anyone have anything to say? ~silence~

Cane questions Phyllis about Adam – who might lead him to someone he’s looking for. Declining to elaborate, Cane thanks her for the snacks and leaves a worried Phyllis to leave as soon as the coast is clear.

Rey and Sharon continue to chat at Society. He’s all about nature; watching the leaves change makes him think of Sharon.

Vikki’s frustrated by the situation. Adam may have begged for forgiveness but I was jailed for what he did. She’s used to people thinking the Newmans get away with things others don’t. What do I tell my kids about the family’s reputation? Nick relates – he has Faith and Connor to consider. Your little scheme hurt everyone except Adam. Billy points out. You couldn’t be more wrong, Victor corrects BillyBoy.

Having shared his thoughts on who Hilary was, Devon asks how well Amanda knows Mr Chancellor – maybe the person you’re working for isn’t really Chance. Amanda thinks Devon’s grasping at straws – face the truth; you’re living off a fortune that belongs to someone else – have a good night, she exits.

As Adam’s Father, Victor knows his son paid more of a price than any of you. He’s humiliated and cut off from his family. Abby believes Adam should be behind bars but understands that he protected his son. Victor’s glad they cleared the air. After Nick leaves to check on Chelsea and Connor, Vikki leaves with Billy. Inviting Nate to stay for dinner, Nate declines (much to Abby’s dismay)

At CL’s, Phyllis calls Adam’s cell – which leads to Mike’s table. What are you doing with his phone? After you tell me why you’re calling. You know what happens to someone aiding and abetting a fugitive? Mike’s smug.

Old fashioned Rey pays for the date. This is a date? Sharon’s pleased when he leads her out. I never thought you’d ask.

Now alone, Nikki gives Victor a pep talk. But of course, the kids are upset that you did what you did for Adam. I was there for them, not him, Victor reasons.

Summer pouts at the bar as Lola talks with some patrons.

Phyllis is house-sitting for Adam but his appliances are too complicated. Why does Mike have Adam’s phone? It was couriered to him – this was his arsenal; all the leverage he accumulated since he arrived. Did he have dirt on someone you love? Phyllis asks. He wiped it clean, Mike says. It could have been a treasure trove of dirty secrets, Phyllis laments.

On the patio, Nate refuses to answer Cane’s questions on Victor – go to the source. He then joins Elena inside – to apologize for lying to her about Victor. What is it about this family? Victor’s a very persuasive man. Nate’s an honest person but that family has a way of making everything life and death – I hate it, he leaves.

Give my love to Lauren, Phyllis shakes Mike’s hand then goes to eavesdrop on Cane as he makes a call arranging for the company jet to fly him off to Vegas.