Friday, October 4th, 2019

At home, Traci and Jack are ready to begin their writing project when Summer knocks on the door. Of course, Jack’s offer of support still stands, he welcomes her in.

Billy arrives at NE as Vikki ends a call (talking a real estate developer out of cancelling a project) I’ve still got it, she’s pleased with herself. You’ve still got it, Billy agrees with a kiss.

Nikki’s at home fussing over Victor when he informs that Nate just examined him. With all the recent upheaval, Victor feels it’s time for a bold move. And he’s just been given a clean bill of health to do so.

Elena comes home after working a night shift to find Devon wishing his phone would ring (with an update from Cane) She thinks today’s ribbon-cutting ceremony for New Hope will be a nice distraction from this will-business. Devon’s frustrated that Amanda won’t consider that her client might not be on the up and up.

Ready to go to the New Hope ceremony, Nick thinks Chelsea better go get ready. I’m not going, she says quietly but firmly.

Chelsea needs to keep Connor home from school today and spend some time with him – try to get through to her son. Thinking it the right thing to do, Nick offers to skip the opening to be with them. No, you worked hard on this – go celebrate, Chelsea encourages. Deciding to stay out longer to give Chelsea some space, Nick suggests she speak to someone who might be able to help her deal with all this; Sharon.

You want to go back to work? Nikki’s surprised to say the least. Yes, Victor feels much better and wants to restore normalcy to their lives. Nikki’s not only worried about his health, she’s worried about how Vikki will feel when replaced. Like part of the team – that I’m the captain of. She was arrested to keep your secret, Nikki persists – now you’re gonna take her job? Refusing to change his mind, Victor needs to take care of something and will meet Nikki at Nick’s event ~kiss~

Vikki will stop for a double mocha before the building dedication but must then get right back to work. Your Dad’s lucky to have you in charge, Billy praises. As he escorts his oblivious wife out, the portrait of TGVN smirks down smugly.

Sharon, of all people, Chelsea’s clearly unenthused. Nick makes his case – she’s objective, studied psychology and has worked with traumatized children while at the GCPD. Chelsea hardly thinks Sharon objective and will find a way to deal with Connor on her own. Pausing briefly to glance back, Nick leaves Chelsea to mutter – there’s gotta be someone else.

After a few words of encouragement from Traci, Summer’s left to vent to an understanding Jack. She’s pissed at her Father, Grandfather and Mom (for staying in Adam’s penthouse) Tears in her eyes, Summer shares her pain. Continuing to say all the right things, Jack gets up to answer the door. It’s Victor and he wants to make things right with Summer.