Monday, October 7th, 2019

Lola chides Theo for sneaking up on her in the kitchen, then teases him about fainting at the sight of a little blood. She then throws out a big word; schadenfreude – taking pleasure in another’s misfortune. Theo’s back turned, she puts ketchup on her hand to fake an injury that makes Theo queasy until he realizes he’s been duped. Both laugh.

When Summer arrives at TGP, Abby wishes she’d get over being lied to and just be happy that Victor’s alive. Marching out, she sends Kyle a text ‘change of venue’. Abby pouts for a minute before welcoming Devon (who’s not mad at her for lying but isn’t happy to see Amanda – who refuses to give Phyllis Chance’s number) After Phyllis stomps off, Amanda asks Devon what he hoped to gain the other night.

Back in the kitchen, Theo laughs; he needed that – a good laugh at his own expense; looking ridiculous keeps him humble. He just pretends to have it all together – another secret. He spends so much time on his image and brand that he never just hangs out like this. He now sees Lola in a new light. Not a buzzkill – an enemy of fun? she then laughs as Theo mispronounces Schadenfreude. I wish I met you before Kyle did, he blurts out. Her mood suddenly changed, Lola accuses Theo of ‘working’ her – pushing things too hard. I’m sorry, he says as she marches off.

At CL’s, Summer whines to Kyle about Abby not caring about her feelings. Kyle gives her surprising news; Victor’s in, Vikki’s out (as CEO) she found out from a reporter. Summer wouldn’t wish that on her. Billy tried to hire Vikki away from NE to run Jabot with him. He’s acting all superior, even called me ‘kid’. Summer suggests Kyle remind Jack that he works his butt off (even showed his butt on TV to sell suntan lotion) You know Jabot, Vikki doesn’t. Billy messed up royally when he was in charge – but my Dad still thinks he’s the better executive. Summer can relate – will my family ever trust me? They both feel they deserve better.

At Society, Amanda thinks Devon told her a touching story about the wonderful Hilary the other night so she’d let her guard down and give him ammunition. You have no legal documents and haven’t even seen your client. When Amanda accuses him of using his wife’s memory to hang on to his money, Devon considers himself a reasonable man but he does have limits.

Amanda apologizes to Phyllis for not being more helpful earlier and appreciates that she isn’t going on about her resemblance to Hilary (like everyone else is) Phyllis prefers to do the last thing anyone expects. A frowning Nate watches the interaction.

Theo strolls over to Abby – seen Summer? She said she was meeting Kyle. She left a while ago. How did she seem? Like her usual self – gave me attitude and walked out. Theo’s next question is interrupted when Abby excuses herself to take a call. Reaching Summer’s voicemail, Theo hangs up.

When Nate arrives, Abby’s glad to see a friendly face ~hug~ everyone’s dumping on her because her Dad’s alive. What’s wrong with people? Nate gets it – faking a death might seem normal to the Newmans, but not to the rest of us. Us? You were part of this, Abby reminds. Nate put aside his ethics because he thought he was saving his patient’s life – but Victor never thought Adam was a threat – it was just one of their games. Abby doesn’t want to hear about Nate’s principles – leave before I drag you down even more. Without further word, Nate does just that. Theo appears – whatever your boyfriend was saying seemed harsh – wanna talk about it?

Back at CL’s, Summer declares Kyle gifted. We make a great team and Kyle will definitely take Summer along on his meteoric rise to the top – try and stop me. Kyle needs to go meet Lola. Thanks for this, Summer says – then is left to look lonely.

On the patio, Billy’s sorry he put Vikki on the spot with Jack. He’d really love to work with her but gets the feeling Vikki doesn’t feel the same way.

Being completely honest, Vikki admits how affected she was (by hearing her Dad was replacing her – and not hearing it from him) It brought up old insecurities of her Dad not valuing her as much as her brothers. You make working at Jabot sound good. Vikki loves Billy’s enthusiasm but can’t get caught up in it. Billy will support any decision she makes ~hug~

Perfect timing, Lola’s greets Kyle with a kiss when he drops by the kitchen.

Still at CL’s, Summer considers calling Theo and looks at a JCV logo doodled on a napkin.

When Theo again tries to ingratiate himself to Abby, she says he’s the last person she’d want to have a drink with.

Outside the elevator, Nate scolds Amanda for making it personal. Amanda’s just doing her job (and takes a jab at Nate’s job; not healing people but lying and throwing his reputation out the window) Oh, sorry, she says sarcastically – did I just attack you based on my own conclusions? Nate’s left speechless when Amanda gets on the elevator.

At a Vegas poker table, Adam’s raking in his chips as Phyllis takes a seat – deal me in, she orders with a smug smirk.