Tuesday, October 8th, 2019

At home, Kyle’s frustrated that they can’t find a house they love online. We’ve earned this and worked hard for it – we deserve this. Kyle won’t settle for anything less. Lola guesses they aren’t talking about houses anymore – we’re talking about Jabot.

Vikki’s pouting while Billy’s eating breakfast at Society. Arms folded, she whines about the future of her Dad’s precious legacy. Any chance your future includes working with me at Jabot? Billy asks casually.

In his office, it doesn’t take long for Victor to see that his portrait has been vandalized – but looks baffled as to who might have done it.

Theo’s summoned Mariah to CL’s to announce that he’s decided to leave Power Communications.

Better luck next time guys, Phyllis calls down the hallway as Adam stacks his poker chips at the table behind her. She came a long way to find out what Adam has planned for Victor – now that he’s alive again.

Power Communications wasn’t a good fit for Theo – he has too many other things going on. Mariah’s not buying it – Devon fired you for throwing me under the bus. Now, start from the top, she orders – this time without the bull.

Packing up to head to the office, Kyle vents about Billy offering Vikki a seat at the table without consulting him – he treated me like an errand boy. Billy wants to be CEO with Vikki at his side. Finally able to get a word in, Lola suggests Kyle sit down with Billy to sort this out. Kyle admits that Vikki’d be an asset to any company – if he tries to keep her out it’ll look like he’s putting his ego ahead of Jabot. Billy’s shown his true colours – use that to your advantage, Lola suggests.

Tempted by Billy’s offer, Vikki can’t go from running a company the size of NE to being third or fourth in command at Jabot. Dad may think he has the last word but it’s not over til I say it is.

Adam insists he’s perfectly content in Vegas; blending in as Spider and making (what Phyllis calls) ‘chump change’ playing poker. This is a vacation, Phyllis knows what Adam wants – now, pack your bags, we have unfinished business.

Adam’s almost tempted to go back to GC to see Phyllis in action – almost. Why is this so important to you? Phyllis wants revenge – payback. We’re a good team – we had the Newmans running. Adam has no desire to get arrested in GC – or be around Phyllis. He has no interest in anything but cards. OK, Phyllis will play him a hand – make the stakes very interesting.

Devon overreacted – I wasn’t attacking you or your position, Theo fails to convince Mariah. Once a liar too, she sees right through him. Get out of your own way, she advises. Theo always finds a way to win in the end. If this is what winning looks like to you, Mariah feels sorry for Theo (and leaves him looking sorry for himself)

If Billy tries to push you out, it’ll backfire with Jack, Lola knows he’s a family man. So, give Billy enough rope in other words? Kyle concludes. Yes. Do your work, focus on the bigger picture, stay out of company politics and you’ll come out of it smelling like a rose, Lola believes – a smart, handsome, CEO kinda rose. It can be as hard or easy as you want it to be, baby.