Monday, October 7th, 2019

At Society, Phyllis is all about security. This is a new hotel, new software – Abby sees no need to enhance security. And why does Phyllis want keyless entry – you were fine with key cards when you were supervising the building of this place. Abby’s not ‘implying’ anything – I’m telling you, I don’t trust you and I’m not comfortable with any of this. Phyllis is very comfortable with Abby being uncomfortable.

Vikki drops by Jabot’s CEO office to rant about how loyal she’s been to NE. Victor’s back in as CEO – she had to hear the news from a reporter. Classy huh? Billy has a simple solution – resign from NE and come work at Jabot.

Arriving at Jabot, Summer calls Theo (who ignores her call as he strolls into Society to have a seat with Devon) Being candid for a moment, Theo reports that things have been going relatively well with the feisty Mariah – but – there’s a clear, distinct protocol; she’s making some missteps when it comes to acquiring new talent. Devon suggests taking steps so it won’t happen again. We absolutely can, Theo agrees.

You busy? I could really use a …. Summer deletes her text to Theo as Jack and Kyle arrive to ask how she’s doing. It’s Victor’s world, we’re just living in it, Summer sighs. As Jack excuses himself to take a call, Kyle invites Summer out to TGP to catch up over a drink. Accepting, Summer encourages Kyle to go show them what a kickass executive he is.

You said I needed to think things through, Vikki reminds Billy. Jack and Kyle are surprised to find her in the CEO office. Billy announces his agenda – to convince Vikki to join Jabot’s executive team.

Vikki and the Abbott men discuss Victor’s health. Vikki knew he’d come back to work one day but assumed she’d be consulted beforehand. Billy knows Victor will never accept that someone else can run the company. But he might have to one day, Kyle implies that Victor will need Vikki at his side; sparing him embarrassment. Jack agrees with Billy – if Victor’s made his mind up why should Vikki spend the best years of her career in a holding pattern? Vikki chimes in to say that this isn’t her idea. Billy’s confident – NE’s loss would be Jabot’s great gain.

You think I’m getting a kickback from security upgrades? Phyllis is insulted. Abby doesn’t think it so far-fetched – you leveraged info on Zoe to get a 25% stake in TGP. Phyllis did – and she saved Abby’s entitled butt. If you don’t like me, too bad – suck it up and deal with me, Phyllis challenges. Just you? Or you and Adam? Abby has to ask.

Back at Society, Theo doesn’t think Mariah has the instincts to keep up with changing social media platforms etc. She had the instinct to keep you around, Devon points out. She also knew you’d stab her in the back for her job (which Devon won’t stand for) He wants Mariah to be able to run Power Communications with people who have her back. So, Theo’s out.

Adam tried to kill my Father once and is probably out there plotting his next attempt, Abby takes exception to Phyllis staying in Adam’s penthouse and enjoying the chaos he created. This isn’t the way Phyllis would screw Abby over (if she wanted to) Adam’s out of your league. Your brother and I are on another level – we’re playing 3D chess while you lightweights are playing checkers. Suck it up – I’m going to tell the security team that we’re moving ahead. At the elevator, a friendly Phyllis introduces herself to Amanda Sinclair. After disarming her with idle chit chat, she leans in to say ‘I understand you’ve been working with Chance Chancellor’.

Come on – This is the way Mariah and I operate; healthy competition – ask her, she’ll tell you, Theo’s sure. Not swayed, Devon thinks Theo’s ego and ambition are serious liabilities – you’re no longer employed by Power Communications in any capacity.

Jack’s leaving hiring decisions in the capable hands of Kyle and Billy. Vikki quietly tells Billy that she’s not going to make an impulsive move. She can’t even talk about this right now. After she hurries out, Kyle informs Billy that hiring Vikki isn’t his call to make.

Kyle won’t let Billy pull rank – we’re equals. The sky’s the limit kid, Billy’s condescending. Don’t you ever call me that again, Kyle warns (then is dismissed when a cocky Billy waves him off to take a call)