Friday, October 11th, 2019

At CL’s, Rey and Sharon have a nice chat. She’s busy with bookkeeping – he’s officially an Uncle.

Chelsea’s online – searching how not be a horrible Mother – Connor refused to go to school today. Nick’s sorry he wasn’t home to help. We’re a team. You don’t have to do it alone – I love both our boys and will do what it takes to make them safe and happy, he promises.

Jack pulls VHS tapes out of a box as he and Traci reminisce about their Father starting Jabot. No, she won’t leave out their tragedies and write only about the Abbott’s triumphs.

Billy and Chloe are pleased to bump into each other on the CL’s patio – today is the anniversary of the day their lives changed forever – the day they said goodbye to Dee.

Chelsea and Nick exchange apologies and agree to focus on Connor. Nick doesn’t think the boy should be taken out of school but perhaps Sharon can come by again to help. Good idea, Chelsea leaves for work – today’s going to be a rough day all around.

Chloe and Billy both appreciate their kids – and their therapists. It’s nice being able to mourn our daughter without thinking about Adam; honour our little girl by celebrating our lives. We’ve been through hell but survived.

Inside, Rey’s shown Sharon photos of his nephew. Yes, he has mixed emotions. Rey wanted to be a Father but is content to have raised his siblings. Looking at this baby picture brings him nothing but joy. He’s not just there for coffee – he’s there to ask Sharon out on a date.

Jack and Traci continue to plan their book – we can include whatever we want and leave it open-ended. Perhaps the next generation of Abbott’s will pick up where we left off (if they ever get started that is) Jack then gets a call from the memory care facility – Mother’s been hurt. I’ll be back, he hurries out.

Kevin joins Chelsea at TGP to update that he’s in the process of laundering her money. Noticing that she’s distracted, a worried Kevin doesn’t want either of them going to prison.

Sharon turns Rey down – we tried this before and it didn’t end well (which is partly her fault) It takes two to ruin a relationship, Rey points out. Yes, me and Adam, Sharon mentions a name Rey hoped she wouldn’t bring up. Listing a few things they miss about living together, neither want to end their chat to see what Nick wants. After receiving a hug from a grateful new tenant, a Councilwoman greets Nick with the suggestion that he replace a councilman who’s stepping down. I don’t think so, Nick smiles. You’ve got my vote, Sharon chirps.

After the councilwoman leaves, Nick updates Sharon (who agrees to visit Connor later) Rey leaves her smiling by saying he’ll call her later to discuss their date.

The money’s ready to be moved to an offshore account – where it must stay for a while so as not to raise any red flags (minus Kevin’s 10% if that’s cool) Chelsea thanks Kevin – and asks how Chloe’s doing today. Ask her yourself, Kevin says as Chloe appears. Without a word, Chelsea goes to hug her friend.

Jack pushes Dina in a wheelchair – it’s just a sprain – you’ll be fine in no time at all. This is Abby’s restaurant, Society, he reminds. Traci and I are writing a book – starting when you and John dated in high school. Such beautiful eyes, Dina murmurs wistfully – he was so smart, he became a newspaperman. Dear, sweet Stewart. Stewart? Jack’s thrown for a loop.