Thursday, October 10th, 2019

Jill’s at Society talking on the phone to Cane. You won’t believe who Adam’s with – he then gets a text from Phyllis (she wants to talk) There’s only one thing to do – use her, Jill instructs.

Elena comes down to find Devon searching online for info on Amanda Sinclair. The statute of limitations on contesting a will ran out so even if these alternate pages are legit, it won’t change anything. Good – you can just ignore Amanda Sinclair, Elena figures. I can’t do that, Devon states.

Nikki’s summoned Nate to the ranch to discuss whether Victor’s healthy enough to return to work. No need – Victor’s appears to inform that he’s no longer CEO of NE.

Meeting Vikki on the CL’s patio, Billy’s surprised to hear that her Father agreed to reinstate her as CEO, permanently. You should be celebrating. Vikki can’t – she feels guilty.

When Dad held out the chair for her, it was like a part of him disappeared. Billy reassures – your Father chose you to run the company; celebrate that. Hugging Billy, Vikki will remember this day as the day she got what she’s always wanted. You are happy for me, right?

Amanda Sinclair started practicing law in 2011 but there’s nothing else online about her. No, Devon’s not stalking the woman, he’s doing research – know your enemies. He’s also flying Tucker’s assistant to GC to fill in some gaps. Elena doesn’t see the point if the statute of limitations has run out. Devon might not be obligated to give up his money but he’d feel morally obligated to respect Katherine’s wishes.

Phyllis sashays into Cane’s hotel room – don’t play hard to get, it’s not your style. Grinning, Cane closes the door.

Victor’s already had a press release made – Vikki will do a great job as CEO. Nate had no problem signing off on Victor returning to work but it’s better for his health if he didn’t. After Nate shows himself out, Nikki suspects Victor’s more affected about retiring than he’s letting on. He loathes the idea of retirement.

Back on the patio, Billy’s thrilled for Vikki; this a new chapter for Newman Enterprises. Fine, he admits that he’s disappointed she won’t be coming to work with him at Jabot. Checking her phone, Vikki stands Billy up and escorts him out.

Pouring herself a drink, Phyllis wants to work with Cane – what bomb did Chance drop on the family? Clue me in and I can help you find him. Any friend of Adam’s is a friend of mine. Taking a sip of her drink, Cane wants to know why Phyllis is so interested in Chance – or she can walk back out that door.

Victor has full confidence in Vikki but struggles with the idea of NE existing without him – and what will he do with his time? Nikki suggests she step back from the real estate division so they can travel. Change brings opportunity, she can’t wait to see what Victor does next. Do I have to play golf now? he jokes.

Off to work, Elena orders Devon to get some fresh air and relax. I love you. I love you more. Seconds after Elena leaves, Jill arrives to say that Cane’s still looking for Chance. Devon thinks she’s naive if she thinks Cane would come running back to report the pages that would make him rich are fake.