Tuesday, October 15th, 2019

Vikki ends a business call as her Mom arrives with a gift – to note that the portrait of Victor has been repaired. Vikki finally feels respected and validated – this feels like a whole new beginning.

Arriving at the ranch, as summoned, Billy declines some liquid courage. Victor knows he’s the one who tried to kill Adam – which lead to him altering his medication. Billy didn’t know what he was doing that night. Do you ever know what you’re doing? Victor wants Billy Boy to explain himself.

Elena’s wearing a sparkly new dress and has prepared Devon’s favourite foods and put on his favourite music. No need to order dessert – Devon has all he wants right here (the sparkly dress comes off, as does his shirt)

** Yesterday was Thanksgiving here in Canada so I haven’t watched the show yet **

At TGP, Nate chats with Amanda – who plans to relax and enjoy herself tonight. She wouldn’t mind Nate’s company as long as he doesn’t mention Devon and the will.

Abby gives Theo the cold shoulder at Society then finds Lola feeling woozy in the kitchen. Listing off the symptoms, she wonders if Lola’s pregnant.

Absolutely not – there’s no way I could be pregnant – Lola and Kyle have been very careful. Refusing to go home and rest, Lola hopes Abby works things out with Nate. Her family is part of the package and Nate needs to accept that.

Back at NE, Nikki thinks Victor stepping down is best for his health. But no, she has no plans to take a step back herself. Vikki hopes both her parents relax. That’s easier with Adam gone but Vikki’s not sure he’s gone for good.

Victor concedes that Adam’s reappearance must have been hard on Billy (who admits he was overwhelmed) Vikki helped him realize what he’d done – Billy’s grateful he didn’t kill Adam. His priority is to protect Vikki and the kids (so will let go of the past and continue to heal) No, he’ll never stop hating Adam but won’t act on it ever again.

Beating Nate at pool, Amanda asks him about himself but gives little details on her past.

With a hug, Lola wishes Abby good luck with Nate – then goes to ask Theo how his meal is. Epic, he goes overboard then invites Lola to join him. Looking wobbly as she walks away, Theo sits her down and calls Kyle. Lola needs you.

Vikki can’t shake the feeling that Adam will pop up at any moment – constant vigilance is exhausting. Don’t let him get to you, Nikki advises.

Are you gonna exile me from the family? Billy credits Vikki for heling exorcize his demons. She believes in me and I won’t let her down. Victor appreciates Billy taking responsibility for what he’s done. So we’re just gonna move on from this? Not quite.

Theo’s fussing over Lola when Kyle rushes in to hear that she could barely stand up. Thanks for looking after her, Kyle helps Lola up. When she goes to get her stuff from the kitchen, Theo tells Kyle that he’s been an ass. He gets why he settled down with Lola and misses their friendship. Kyle needs to get Lola home – maybe we can have a beer sometime. Lola comes back to thank Theo and leave with Kyle. We need to stop at the pharmacy on the way home, Lola says.

Encouraged to open up a bit about her career as a lawyer, Amanda suspects Nate’s spying for Devon.