Monday, October 14th, 2019

On the CL’s patio, Phyllis calls the Vegas hotel posing as Cane’s assistant, wife – then mistress who needs to speak to the bellhop about something she left in his suitcase that his wife shouldn’t find.

At home, Chelsea and Nick discuss a recent incident with Connor. The crash they heard was a lamp; supposedly an accident – but was it? Chelsea feels like such a failure as a Mother. None of this is your fault, Summer appears to comment.

After admiring photos they’ve been sent of their nephew, Mateo, Kyle wonders what their baby would look like. He’s all for it when Lola says ‘there’s an app for that’.

** Sorry for the delay. Yesterday was Thanksgiving and I didn’t get a chance to watch the show until now **

Elena’s home after a nice quiet night at work. Devon’s meeting with Tucker’s assistant was interesting – she said things have been getting weird lately – on the verge of a full-blown crisis.

Lola and Kyle enter their photos into the app and discuss how adorable their baby will be. Alas, their baby looks hideous; Bart Simpson with dark hair. With their careers just taking off, neither are ready to start a family. Kyle mopes over Lola’s shoulder – you don’t know what it’s like constantly having to prove yourself to your family like Summer and I do.

At home, Chelsea appreciates Summer’s words of support and help with Connor. Kissing Nick and telling Summer to have a nice day, Chelsea goes to her meeting. Nick’s left determined to make things right with Chelsea. Summer’s not doing much better – Mom fell off the radar and she’s fighting with Theo; Jabot’s the only place she doesn’t feel useless. Adulthood is overrated, she huffs out.

Devin updates Elena; Tucker’s assistant claims that he’s gone off to the far East on a spiritual journey; he’s been acting erratic and ranting about technology emitting particles and waves. EHS, Elena says it’s more of a phobia. No, Tucker didn’t mention the will or Chance to anyone. Tucker’s company is phasing him out. Elena’s made plans for the afternoon – keep your phone with you.

Nick and Devon meet at CL’s to discuss New hope – such an important project. Devon wants to double his investment and no, he has no worries about the will. The statute of limitations has run out. Hearing Nick’s little spiel, Sharon repeats – I’d vote for you. Are you running for office? Nikki’s eyes widen. No, Nick assures.

Summer’s in no mood to fight with Theo at her place of business; the one place things are going smoothly for her. Theo just came to tell Summer that she was right.

Still on the patio (and on the phone) Phyllis, pretending to be Jill, learns that Cane hasn’t filed a flight plan for the private jet yet. Thank you ~click~ Wondering aloud what he’s up to, Phyllis is questioned by Sharon.

Sharon wasn’t eavesdropping on Phyllis; she has no interest in whatever she’s plotting. Even if it has to do with Adam?