Wednesday, October 16th, 2019

What can Nick do to help? Find Adam – he won’t get back to me, Chelsea’s tried. Connor’s never acted out before his Dad left – maybe he’ll stop if Adam comes back. Chelsea will take accept any risk to save her son.

Also at home, Jack has a tidbit of trivia for Traci – did you know that GC was once called Genoa Junction? As for this mysterious Stewart, Traci’s found a living breathing source who can answer their questions.

Kyle tossed and turned all night – Lola dreamt of juggling triplets. Are you disappointed not to be carrying our baby? Kyle has to ask.

A man wearing dark glasses zooms in on a photo of Kyle on his phone.

Nick doesn’t feel ‘shut out’, he just wants to help. Listing all Connor’s been through, Chelsea sympathizes – he’s just a little kid. Nick sympathizes – Connor feels abandoned by his Father but him helping can’t possibly hurt, can it?

Our baby – no rush – will be lucky to have so much love, Kyle and Lola hug. She probably just has a bug. Kyle insists she stay home and rest; wrapping a blanket around her before leaving.

Stewart Brooks has been dead for ages – who are these sources? Jack’s reminded of Lori, Leslie, Chris and Peggy (who sends her best) She and Chris don’t really remember Dina but Leslie and Lori might be able to help) Jack’s turn – he found an old yearbook. Traci then gets a call from Leslie Brooks – who seems to have good news)

Mystery man wearing a nice suit and watch exits the patio and buzzes up to the apartment. Forget your keys? Lola’s not pleased when Adrian walks in.

Nick perches on the back of the couch as Chelsea asks Connor about the fight at school. A kid said something mean about my Dad; lies. He made me mad – I didn’t have a choice, Connor scowls.

Hanging up, Traci tells Jack that Lori and Leslie catalogued all their Dad’s correspondence and records for Walnut Grove’s centennial last year. Remembering a letter Dina sent Stewart, they’ll look for it and scan/email it. It must be important or Stewart wouldn’t have hung onto it. Kyle comes home to marvel at how much stuff they’ve accumulated for their project. Yes, Kyle’s had some good talks with Dina but the name Stewart Brooks doesn’t ring a bell. After Traci goes to make coffee, Kyle asks Jack how he’d feel about becoming a grandfather.

Adrian’s there to apologize for the awkwardness at the wedding. And when Lola wonders why he’s wearing sunglasses, Adrian confesses that he’s in trouble and removes the glasses to reveal a black eye.

Jack’s not old enough to be a grandpa – when is Lola due? She’s not pregnant – yet, Kyle relays the false alarm. Jack’s a tad disappointed but fully supports them having a baby if that’s what Kyle and Lola want. Kyle does – when it’s time. After he goes to the kitchen, Traci returns to tell Jack that Lori found the letter and is emailing it to her.

You used to be my little peacemaker, Chelsea reminds Connor. Nick gets the need to defend family but the second you raise a hand you become the bad guy. It takes a bigger man to walk away. Connor wants to talk to his Dad. Ignoring Chelsea, he grabs her phone and makes the call.

You don’t get to come back when you’re in trouble, Lola suspects there’s a woman involved. Adrian admits it – he didn’t know she was married. Now, the husband’s looking for him. Goodbye and good luck, Lola opens the door. Adrian’s sorry for today and all the days before. Fine, what happened? Lola asks. Adrian went to LA after the wedding; he met a woman with the voice on an angel – married to a low life with a right hook. Returning, Kyle’s also unpleasantly surprised to see Adrian. He’s about to ask for money, Lola suspects.