Wednesday, October 23rd, 2019

Vikki’s relieved that Billy’s confident Adam’s return won’t threaten his sanity. I needed to hear you say that ~hug~ Neither want revenge on Adam but won’t ignore that he’s a constant threat.

Just as Summers whining about where Billy is, he arrives to take a seat behind the CEO desk. Both she and Kyle blather on about the great job they’ve been doing while he was away. Fashion Week was a success. Summer’s arranged a tie-in with a reality show that she’ll be blogging from behind the scenes. Handed a tablet with the sales figures, Billy’s praise is subdued. After Summer leaves, Kyle makes it clear that he and Billy are equals before he too exits.

Elena and Devon share a touching goodbye before he’s left to make a decision that will affect a lot of lives. She’s sure he’ll make a decision he can live with. What would you do? he asks.

Elena doesn’t feel it right to weigh in on what Devon gives Cane, if anything. No, don’t give him Hamilton Winters – the inheritance was just the seed money. Devon’s conflicted – he likes having money to take care of things (like sending Elena off to tend to Jett) He also questions whether Cane’s capable of using the money wisely and feels Kay would be disappointed in him. Elena suggests he speak to someone who knows Cane better than anyone, Lily.

Are they still together? Vikki’s puzzled when Summer joins Theo at Society’s bar. Abby’s not sure but their niece is a big girl. What’s with Newman women and bad boys? Vikki wonders – not including Nate of course. She’s sorry to hear that they broke up, partly due to Victor’s scheme. Nate disapproves of the Newman way. Well, to hell with him. As for Billy, he supports Vikki being CEO. So does Abby; even more so when her sister agrees to hold all Newman events at her restaurants.

Kyle returns to the office for some more arguing about who’s giving who attitude (though Billy seems to be the agitator)

Summer brings Theo over for a formal introduction so he can congratulate Vikki on being promoted to CEO. Back at the bar, Summer’s surprised he’d want to work at ‘stuffy’ Newman Enterprises. Well yeah, there’s always a job there if she wants it but Jabot is a better fit. Summer feels so energized working with Kyle. We’re a walking idea factory.

Back at Jabot, Billy reminds Kyle that at his age Jack exiled him to Hong Kong. I wasn’t a crown prince, I was the black sheep. Nothing was handed to you, Kyle gets it – but he’s worked hard too. It’s like you’re just waiting for me to fall on my face. Maybe I am, Billy admits.

Finding a charger for Elena, Devon updates that he left Lily a message. Sharing a hug and more supportive words of encouragement, he agrees to check up on Nate (who he guesses has been asked to check up on him too) Knowing that Elena will take care of Jett and Anna, Devon appreciates the suggestion to call his sister for advice. He WILL be happy again, as soon as Elena gets home ~kiss~

Everyone stumbles early on in a high-pressure job, Billy lists himself, Jack, Ashley, Phyllis – you’re not immune to it. Kyle’s made mistakes and put them behind him. Billy continues to play senior partner (much to Kyle’s irritation)

At Society, Theo covers his annoyance with sarcasm. I live to hear about Kyle – please tell me more. I hang on every word. When Abby goes by, Summer complains; that hypocrite slept with my husband, Austin. She’s so busy venting she doesn’t notice Theo sending Lola a text – hope Miami’s fun. Society misses you.

Devon gets a call from Lily. Glad that she’s coming to town, he can’t wait to see her.