Wednesday, October 23rd, 2019

Hey you – Elena’s made lunch for a troubled Devon (who hasn’t eaten a bite since Jill and Cane confirmed that Kay’s will was altered) The inheritance may not be all who Devon is but it bought this penthouse and funded the company he started. He may not have become the man Elena loves if the last six years had been different. After Elena excuses herself to take a call from Jett, Nate drops by to assume Devon didn’t get much sleep last night. Did his suggestion to think of what Neil would do make the decision any easier?

Billy might be back from his business trip early but he isn’t able to get Vikki to leave work early so shows off the cool zombie costumes he brought back for the kids for Halloween. Vikki updates that Katie lost a baby tooth while Johnny got an A on his spelling test – and here’s something you won’t love; Adam’s back.

Passing along focus group research that indicates low carbon manufacturing goes over well with Jabot’s demographic, Summer’s tasked with seeing if there’s some sort of certification they can use in their marketing. Kyle’s putting off house hunting while Lola’s visiting Arturo in Miami. No, she didn’t really love the house Summer suggested – Lola wants something smaller. When Summer teases that Kyle’s lost his touch, he looks troubled.

No, Theo can’t pay the chef a compliment on her food – Lola’s not here so there’s no reason for you to hang around, Abby informs.

Abby’s over Theo’s role in TGP launch fiasco – but you have a reputation for stirring up trouble. No, she hasn’t been listening to Kyle – the staff report he’s been sniffing around Lola. Abby’s not a ‘sweetheart’ (like Lola) and if Theo causes problems between her and Kyle, Abby will cause problems for Theo.

Back in the CEO’s office, Kyle claims he wouldn’t mind being stuck in his ‘cozy’ apartment – he’d rather be in a small place with the right person than a big place with the wrong person. Oops – sorry. No worries – Summer’s glad they’ve put the past behind them and they can work well together.

Jett has a lesion on his vocal cord – it could be cancer – he needs a biopsy, Elena tearfully updates. Devon will fund her travel and Jett’s care – Nate will make sure she gets time off work to be with him.

Vikki updates that Nick brought Adam back when Connor broke his arm. You think this might push me over the edge again? Billy suspects.

After Devon goes to call Anna, Elena frets to Nate. She’s worried about Jett’s health and not being there for Devon. Nate will check in on Devon – he’ll be fine ~hug~

Theo and Abby manage to have a civil conversation that covers his career status and fondness for Lola. How many brothers does she have? Armando’s the one who dated you, right? Corrected that ‘Arturo’ impregnated his sister in law while engaged to Abby, Theo’s impressed that she and Lola remained such good friends. Perhaps there’s hope for him and Kyle. Abby’s not sure they’re ‘true’ friends. Enjoy your fritters.