Tuesday, October 22nd, 2019

At the penthouse, Phyllis logs onto her laptop to see what her partners are up to at TGP – hmmm, privacy; it ain’t what it used to be.

Nick’s brought Adam back to an emotional Chelsea, who thanks him for coming but needs to get a few things straight before she lets Adam see his son.

‘Power broker’ Mariah’s at CL’s all full of herself for signing the second runner up from a reality dating show. Sharon may not have heard of her, but Mariah plans to make her as big as a Kardashian. The best part? She came to me. I have clients knocking on my door. Sharon believes Mariah will soon be as famous as the people she represents. Who cares about Theo? Mariah won’t let him get to her – and wishes that her Mom was happier.

Meeting Cane at TGP. Jill reports that Ester bailed – claiming she has to watch Bella. Neither looks forward to having to tell Devon that his grandmother didn’t leave him her fortune. When Amanda walks by, Cane thinks they may as well include her. No, Jill doesn’t trust her. We must be the ones to tell Devon. She then calls Devon – we need to talk to you. He doesn’t want to talk about it. We have proof the will was falsified. Devon? Are you there? He hung up on me, Jill’s shocked.

Chelsea won’t let Adam just go charging in to see Connor (though she does think he might be the only person who can help him) Alright, then let me see him, Adam repeats. All three file into the living room – where Connor, his arm in a cast, sleeps on the couch.

Over coffee, Sharon reports a nice visit with Faith – she doesn’t seem too perturbed by Victor dying then coming back from the bed. Mariah’s sure her Mom will ace the courses she’s taking online and will soon have her masters. Now it’s time to get real – where do things stand with Rey? Sharon doesn’t know – they haven’t spoken since their last date. Call him – put yourself out there, Mariah insists. On cue, Rey arrives to order.

The nerve; hanging up on me – Devon’s grandmother would be appalled. And Jill knows Kay would want this settled. Devon needs to read the forensic report. No, he may not have a legal obligation, but he has a moral one. Would that be enough to make you give up billons? Cane asks rhetorically. We’re not talking about me – Jill’s sure Devon’s conscience will kick in. Guess we’ll soon find out (both get a summons to the penthouse)

Why did you leave? Connor whimpers. Adam thought his son was better off but now realizes how much Connor needs him. When Adam promises to stay this time, Connor doesn’t believe him. As Chelsea and a scowling Nick hover, Adam vows to make it up to Connor – he’ll be there for everything; be the Dad he deserves.

Sure, Adam would like Connor to live with him but it’s Chelsea’s call. When she agrees, an excited Connor runs up to pack. When Nick objects, Chelsea makes it clear that she’s doing what’s best for her son – but it’s temporary; she’s not giving Adam custody. Leaving to go get his place ready and to give them a chance to say goodbye, Adam asks if he should come back later or will Chelsea bring him over. WE will bring him over, Nick growls. I can’t believe that just happened, Chelsea’s left aghast. I can’t either, Nick’s pissed.

On the CL’s patio, Nate has to wonder if Elena’s picking up extra shifts to avoid going home. Basically admitting he’s right, Elena feels she can do more for her patients than she can for Devon right now.

After Jill has a hissy fit over Amanda being invited to the penthouse, Devon wants to see irrefutable truth that Kay’s will was forged. Cane hands over the original pages he got in Vegas. How’s Devon supposed to know they’re real? Cane also hands over the forensic experts’ report (which he summarizes) We also had a handwriting expert determine that Kay’s signature was forged. These new pages represent her last wishes.

Am I interrupting? Rey asks. No, Mariah was just leaving – she has … uh … cardio boxing. Taking her vacated seat, Rey corrects Sharon’s assumption that he changed his mind on taking her on a second date. He’s just been busy with work (and his Father coming back to town) What are you doing tonight? Going on a date with you? Sharon guesses.

Shocked by Chelsea’s decision, Nick’s seething over Connor going to live with that manipulative bastard. Knowing Adam would never hurt Connor, Chelsea can see that her son’s in pain and just needs it to stop. Nick’s sorry and will support her decision. Thanking Nick, Chelsea doesn’t want him to come along. This is something I have to do alone. Nick’s left to ponder a framed photo of the smiling foursome.

Adam! Phyllis is surprised. I’m home, he wheels his luggage into the penthouse that Phyllis must now leave.