Thursday, October 24th, 2019

Sharon’s surprised when Adam walks into CL’s – brought back by Nick because of Connor. He’s moved in with me – help me help my son, he implores.

Cane finds Jill waiting on pins and needles at Society. She’s sure Devon will make things right. Yes, she expects him to give Cane 2.5 billion dollars. He can’t buy into her fairy tale.

Look at you, Lily’s at the penthouse to hug her mess of a brother. This will thing wasn’t just a scam?

Amanda’s on the phone as she walks into Society – this thing ends one way or the other, today.

Devon fills Lily in on Kay supposedly leaving her fortune to Cane – and this Hilary clone lawyer sent here. Do you believe Kay left her money to Cane or that you don’t think he deserves it? Lily wonders.

Christian must be so confused with his best bud not living here anymore. There’ll be plenty of play-dates and sleepovers etc. Nick’s sure. Chelsea then tears up when coming across a game controller. This feels so wrong. She only agreed to let Connor stay at Adam’s because she’s scared for him. It feels like everything’s out of control, she weeps in Nick’s arms.

Adam knows things got rocky between him and Sharon but hopes she can rise above that to help Connor.

Fearing he pushed Connor too hard with the whole blended family thing, Nick had to be the one to bring Adam back. No, losing Adam broke Connor, not you – Chelsea did what she thought best for her son (as did Nick) Let’s hope Adam’s doing the same.

At CL’s, Rey watches as Adam pressures Sharon to be Connor’s therapist. She can’t – in case Adam tries to manipulate her again. Persisting, Adam’s OK with Sharon hating him but not my kid – he has enough to deal with having me for a Father. He looks up to see Rey.

Devon explains the great responsibility that came with Kay’s inheritance – he wanted to be worthy and likes being able to help people and struggles with having to give it all away, and to someone with no morals. Lily will support her brother no matter what he decides. When Jill arrives with Cane – followed by Amanda, Lily drops her glass and her jaw – OMG!

Lily was expecting Amanda to look like Hilary, but not EXACTLY like her. She then apologizes to Amanda for her reaction.

Chelsea’s going to sort out a visitation schedule with Adam – I can’t believe I’m nervous to see my own son. This isn’t a job interview, Nick heaps praise on the wonderful Mother and only true constant in Connor’s life.

Leaving, Adam hopes to hear from Sharon soon. Rey sits to hear that Sharon’s been asked to help Connor (who she talked to a few times when asked by Nick and Chelsea) Why did you say no? Is there anything Rey could to do to change her mind?

Devon reads Neil’s letter to him aloud – basically, make me proud by using Kay’s gift to enrich lives. He can give it all to Cane and enrich his life or donate it to charity and enrich the lives of thousands.