Friday, October 25th, 2019

Jack supposes it’s possible – but not all young women who went abroad were pregnant. Doris and her friends believed that was the only explanation. Dina and John were ‘saving themselves for marriage’. If Dina was pregnant it wasn’t John’s. As a grateful Jack thanks Doris and shows her out, Traci rummages through a box until she finds a print out of everything sent back from Paris/Mergeron. On the list is a copy of Hamlet; and not just any book – it’s the kind a student would have.

Kyle thinks it a bit early for a party, he and Mariah are just talking. But, when Theo goes on about Lola’s great cooking and that she was light-headed before she left for Miami, he’s invited to take a seat. Mariah’s suspicious – are you two friends again? Not exactly – but the boys aren’t fighting. Here’s to progress, Theo toasts.

Offering a hug and support, Nick asks if there’s anything he can do. Not really but Chelsea asks about a voicemail Councilwoman Diamond left. It’s nothing, he again explains that he’s been asked to run for city council but isn’t interested. You want to do it, Chelsea can tell.

Adam wants to lay everything out on the table, as they do in poker. He will have to live with Delia’s death for the rest of his life and knows it was Billy, not Victor behind the wheel of the car that night. You were the one who tried to kill me.

Traci and Jack are excited to find an old battered copy of Hamlet in a box. Shaking it upside down, Traci gasps when an envelope falls out.

Asked for honesty, Nick admits that he wants to run for city council, especially since Chelsea supports the idea. Tammy’s waiting for you to call her back, she hands him his phone.

No, Adam doesn’t want to leave it at that. How did you miss me? Who else was out there that night? He knows it was someone protecting Billy from himself (not him) The Easter Bunny – it was just the two of us, Billy won’t let anyone else be dragged into this. Question is; where do we go from here?

Jack takes out the piece of paper they’ve been looking for; an adoption decree. It was a boy. Dina’s listed as the Mother, the Father is left blank. We have a half brother out there. Who are his parents? What’s his name? Traci asks as both read.

Summer has to go to Atlanta for a TV shoot. Mariah thinks it sounds cool – we all have grown up jobs, except for Theo. He may be down but he’s not out, or broke – last round’s on me. What’s the occasion? Kyle asks. Theo’s trying to buy back their friendship. Both drink.

Traci and Jack learn that Dina and Stewart’s baby was named Eric; raised by Ralph and Margeret Vanderway. We have to find him. Back at Society, Theo signs for the bill; Theo Vanderway.

After leaving a message for Tammy, Nick asks Chelsea if she’s ready to live under a microscope. Whoever’s running against him will dig up all the dirt on him and his family. What about my past? Chelsea hasn’t exactly lead a perfect life. Everything you’ve done is in the past – Nick’s more concerned about the video of him posing as JT. When Tammy calls back, Nick he tells her ‘I’m in’. Chelsea looks panicked.

Back at TGP, Billy suggests Adam focus on raising his son – leave me to raise the two children I have left with your sister. That’s all I want to do. Go on with our lives – no revenge or payback. Adam agrees; you go your way, I’ll go mine. Leaving TGP in different directions, both turn to eyeball each other.