Monday, October 28th, 2019

Meeting Billy at CL’s, Vikki’s not surprised to be updated that Adam knows it was Billy who tried to run him over. It was only a matter of time. How does he plan on using it against us?

At home, Adam calls Connor’s school to have himself listed as the primary contact in case they need anything. Victor appears to finish up their last conversation.

Lola comes out in a towel to complain about the lack of hot water. He suggests they move to a house with proper utilities – she suggests he take shorter showers. Kyle suggests they shower together ~kiss~

This seat taken? At Society, Theo sits uninvited to ask Phyllis about a sporting event being hosted at TGP. The hottest video game influencer is a client of his – smells like a win-win to him. Smells like desperation to Phyllis.

At home, Jack and Traci are still reeling from the shock of having a half brother – who Jack vows to find.

Not convinced that Adam’s agreed to a truce, Vikki hates that Billy’s life is in her brother’s hands. Billy sees no choice but to hope Adam forgets what happened that night at the side of the road.

Back at the penthouse, Adam seems tired of the love-hate relationship between him and Victor. Things are going great with Connor living here – but they’d both be happier if they left town. Connor hates it here as much as I do, Adam claims.

Au contraire – the only scent coming off Theo is the sweet smell of success. This is what it looks like. Phyllis thought she was looking at the picture of unemployment. Theo lies unconvincingly – he quit Power Communications and has a lot of balls in the air. Try to juggle too many and you might lose, your balls, Phyllis sips her coffee.

Traci wants to just let it go. We can’t just go charging into someone’s life – Eric Vanderway might not even know he’s adopted. Both convinced they’re right, Traci won’t be bullied (so goes for some air)

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Kyle gets a call from Jack asking him to stop by the house on his way to work.

Victor highly doubts that Chelsea would allow Adam to move away with Connor. And if she did, HE wouldn’t allow it. That boy needs the stability of a family. Did you just call the Newman family stable? Adam scoffs. Chelsea will go along with the move if she’s reminded what the Newmans are capable of (though Adam no longer believes Victor tried to kill him) Nothing else matters to Adam except his son. He doesn’t want anything to do with the Newman family. Now, if you don’t mind – he opens the door for Victor to silently exit through.

Vikki thought she was going to lose Billy again when he was going through that psychological battle. Now on to happier subjects – Delia would want them to have a fun Halloween.

Jack asks Kyle about Theo – where’d he grow up? Was he close with his Dad? No, he hasn’t done anything. Then why all the questions? Kyle’s puzzled. Traci comes out to ask what’s going on. What> Your friend’s name is Vanderway? You might as well tell him. You and Theo might be related, Jack announces.

In the CEO’s office, Victor’s so proud of the great job Vikki’s doing. She cuts right to the chase – what’s Adam done? Let’s not talk about him, my darling – please.

Phyllis drops by the penthouse to ask Adam how it went dropping Connor off at school. It went well – Adam wants to be the Dad Connor deserves. Now it’s time to get back to business. Phyllis badgers her former partner in crime. Sorry, but Adam’s sworn off his vendettas. You’ll have to find someone else to help you crush Pops – or you can move on with your life.