Friday, October 25th, 2019

Thanks for nothing! Theo hangs up as Summer arrives at Society. He just lost another influencer to a rival. He’s being dumped one by one. That gives you more time to pay attention to the clients you still have. Like who? Me, Summer reminds the ‘jerk’.

Jack and Traci welcome Doris Tillington into their home; a woman they found in an old yearbook of Dina’s who was a gossip back on the day but isn’t sure she can be of any help re Dina. Anything you can remember could be invaluable to us, Jack kindly prods.

At CL’s, Mariah gives Nick a hug and credit for bringing Adam back to town. I did it for Connor, is all he’ll say.

Having met Adam and Connor at TGP for breakfast, Chelsea has time alone with her ex to express surprise to have been invited. Why are you being so fair? she wonders.

Theo asks Summer to give him a break – he’s hit a rough patch with his clients and Power Communications dumping him. She gives the man who ‘never gives up’ a pep talk – your life is gonna change for the better – maybe even today.

Over tea, Jack and Traci are looking for the truth, however uncomfortable that may be. Does the name Stewart Brooks ring a bell? Dina wrote a note to him about a wonderful but terrible night. Jack and Traci explain why it’s so important to them. Doris is sorry, her husband drifted away from her too. She now admits that her memory of prom night is quite vivid. You won’t like what you’re about to hear.

Now seated, Mariah tries to wrap her head around Nick not hating Adam. He just wants to protect the people he cares about. You always do, Mariah knows. Amen to that, Tammy the councilwwoman appears to once again pester Nick to help the city by running for office.

What was that about? A humble Nick tells Mariah that some people liked the speech he gave at the New Hope event and want him to run for city council. He’s flattered but doesn’t want to give up his job for something he’s not qualified for. Mariah believes Nick IS qualified.

Back at TGP, Chelsea continues to be impressed that Adam’s stepping up to be the parent Connor needs – but can’t help but be upset that her son’s not living with her. Adam knows this isn’t easy. Chelsea’s sorry – she appreciates today. Let’s go to the game room so she can say goodbye to Connor. Go ahead, Adam will give Mother and son some alone time. He then turns to find himself face to face with Billy.

Pleased with Summer’s pep talk and their ‘light’ relationship, Theo asks if she’s expecting Kyle (who arrives laughing with Mariah) They’re discuss committed relationship/marriage vs. dating as well as forgiveness when Theo appears (with Summer) – ‘looks like we found a party to crash’.

Doris tells Jack and Traci that Stewart had a crush on Dina; they had to do a scene from Hamlet for English class – the chemistry between them was obvious. Dina’s only human after all; Stewart was so handsome and charming. Doris was in this very room when they snuck off together to be alone. The next day at school Dina seemed very different and admitted to cheating on John with Stewart and vowed it would never happen again. After graduation, she took a year off to go abroad. Traci spells it out for Jack – our Mother was pregnant.

Adam likens himself to a boomerang – toss me away but I always return. Billy doesn’t find it funny or believe that Adam’s suddenly a family man. Adam then asks what Billy went to rehab for; drinking? Gambling? Murderous tendencies?