Monday, October 28th, 2019

Have you moved from this spot since I left town? Lola asks Theo at Society’s bar. He’ll have to wait to see photos of her nephew – some of us have jobs. Welcome home, he calls out. This isn’t your home, Lola points out as she heads to the kitchen.

Jack and Traci update Kyle on what they found out and how – the Vanderway’s adopted a baby named Eric. Theo’s Dad was a union rep who died a while ago, Kyle still doubts it’s the same Vanderways. The couple who adopted Dina’s son was from Chicago, Jack seems even more certain.

Kyle slips by Theo (talking on his phone) into the kitchen to stun Lola with the news that Theo might be his cousin. No way. That’s what I said – it’s not possible – it can’t be true. What if it is? Lola counters.

Back at NE, Vikki didn’t mean to upset her Dad or be insensitive. Victor just wishes the family would give Adam another chance – he’s focussed on raising his son. If he comes after you, I’ll protect you – Victor hopes he won’t step out of line. Vikki has to wonder if it wouldn’t have been better if Victor never entered Adam’s life.

Billy’s therapist is very pleased with his progress. I’ll never revisit that dark place, Billy vows.

Your kids need you to be your most authentic self – you can’t change who you are; a brilliant rebel. Phyllis doesn’t want Kevin’s number! He’s no match for me – you are. You said you’d do this for me. Adam’s flattered – but you need to find someone else. No one’s as diabolical as you, she persists. Adam has a way to make Phyllis smile; a cheque for ten million dollars. Now go away and buy TGP.

Business out of the way, Victor asks how Billy Boy is. He said you had a good talk the other day. Victor hopes he works through his grief. If he screws up again, I won’t be so forgiving.

Billy’s therapist encourages him to talk about how he’s sleeping now. Good – except for being woken up by the kids. She wants to help Billy develop coping skills so he can manage his pain effectively. The grief Billy suffered will never go away and can easily be triggered. Grief can’t be fixed – but one can move beyond it. Billy feels at peace; free of the inner rage. He knows he has a lot of work to do but can be the man Vikki and his kids deserve.

There’s no way Theo and I share one single drop of blood, Kyle doesn’t see how he can bring it up with him. Doubting Lola can draw him out, Kyle insists he and Theo share nothing in common. I’ll prove it to you, he makes a beeline to the bar to invite Theo to join him for dinner. Yes, he’ll foot the bill. Let’s do it, Theo leads the way.

Keep up the good work, Victor tells Vikki and Billy Boy as he exits. Now alone, Vikki believes there’s only good things ahead for her and Billy. And Halloween candy, Billy’s smile fades.

You’re buying me off? I’m giving you the key to do whatever you want – live your best, most evil life on me – but without me. Phyllis rips up the check and tosses the pieces to the ground. You’re not getting rid of me that easily, she says before sashaying out.

Traci still wants to let this go. What if her grandson wanted to know her while he still had the chance? Jack asks.

Now seated, Kyle asks Theo about his Dad and asks if he has anything of his. Theo pulls out a watch the union gave to him on his 25th anniversary. EV, Kyle reads the engraved initials. That’s my Dad – Eric Vanderway.