Tuesday, October 29th, 2019

Chelsea, Nick and Christian are dressed up in old west inspired costumes while Billy, Vikki and Johnny are goth zombies. Adam’s reportedly on his way to CL’s to drop Connor off. On cue, he calls. Unable to hear him, Chelsea goes to the patio. We have a problem, Adam informs (still at the penthouse)

Lola brings out a tray of eyeball pops for Mariah and Trissa’s party. Cute, Kyle’s unenthused. Lola knows he’s stewing about possibly being related to Theo. Let’s put it aside to have a little fun. Kyle can’t – Theo will latch onto MY family like the parasite he is. We’re going to be chained to that bastard for the rest of our lives.

The bellhop about to wheel Amanda’s luggage out, Nate appears at TGP to ask for some legal advice.

Adam’s asked Chelsea to pick Connor up – there’s a problem with his costume. She’s not at all suspicious – Adam’s been on his best behaviour and no need for anyone to change their plans – start making your rounds and we’ll catch up, she leaves Nick looking annoyed.

Lola tries to talk Kyle off the ledge – you need to take a deep breath. Theo’s been trying to mess with me for ages, Kyle reminds – he’ll never let his guard down and will have to watch his back against Theo for the rest of his life. You’re not the one I have to convince, Kyle grabs his jacket. What about the party? Lola’s left frustrated.

Seated at TGP, Nate tells Amanda about Victor’s medicine being tampered with – his levels doubling overnight. Victor fakes his death to flush Adam out. Nate went along with the plan – the Newman’s convinced him but he made the decision. He wasn’t bribed, threatened or coerced. The authorities consider this a sting operation, Amanda points out – but no, the police didn’t recruit Nate – he can’t blame the police. Him dating Abby might have played a factor. Asked to represent Nate before the licensing board, Amanda doesn’t think she can help.

Back at CL’s, Vikki and Nick both feel sorry for what Adam’s putting Chelsea and Connor through – and both wouldn’t be surprised if Adam reverts back to type and hope the current situation’s temporary.

At the penthouse, Chelsea’s surprised to hear that Connor’s refusing to put his costume on. I told him he’d have a blast but he thinks I’m trying to get rid of him. Calling Connor down she gently asks why he doesn’t want to go trick or treating with them.

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Chelsea has full custody of Connor and that won’t change, Nick knows. Adam wouldn’t win in court, Vikki agrees – but he’s not above using her love for Connor against her.

Chelsea raves about all the Halloween festivities going on at CL’s – where Johnny and Christian are waiting to see him. Connor would rather stay with his Dad and watch a scary movie. Chelsea heads to the kitchen to make a batch of her famous popcorn.

Amanda’s flattered but knows Devon wouldn’t want her to stick around. Why me? You’ve never lost a case, Nate admires her persistence, You ignored all the noise and personal attacks and faced off against a billionaire (like Victor – Nate’s not sure where he’ll stand on this but he can’t lose his medical license) Amanda gives her answer by asking the bellhop to take her things back up to her suite.

Billy brings the boys back – and while he and Vikki take Johnny to the bathroom, Christian asks his Dad where Connor is.

At the penthouse, Chelsea can’t answer Nick’s call because her hands are covered in butter and popcorn seasoning. She suggests they watch an old 50’s horror movie she and Adam once watched. Mom can stay and watch it with us, Connor chirps. You’re more than welcome to stay, Adam invites. Chelsea looks trapped and conflicted.

Jack explains that Traci agrees with him – we need to reach out to this young man who might be our nephew. You don’t want Theo as part of this family, Kyle warns. He might be, regardless of how any of us feel about it, Jack points out. When the doorbell chimes, Kyle’s stunned – you’re telling him tonight??

Who’s ready for round two? Nick rounds up the boys, Vikki and Billy. Chelsea sent him a text – she’s decided to spend the evening with Connor and Adam (which he’s clearly not happy about)

Proud Auntie Lola shows off photos of her adorable new nephew to Vikki and Billy. Where’s Kyle? Billy’s surprised to hear that Jack had to talk to his son about something to do with Dina.