Tuesday, October 29th, 2019

Kyle’s never been so glad to see a trick or treater. Theo could be here any time, Jack warns – he thinks Dina kept this quiet to protect John and Stewart. We have no reason to feel ashamed of this family connection. Kyle disagrees and refusing to stick around, ignores Theo as he slams out. My son and I are having a difference of opinion, Jack states the obvious. He then shows Theo the letter from Stewart Brooks – does that name mean anything to you? No – should it? Theo asks casually.

On the patio, Vikki and Billy decide to have some adult fun. As he heads inside to enlist Hannah, Vikki accosts Nate – she’s sorry if Victor’s plan had anything to do with his and Abby’s break up. Nate’s relationship with Abby is the tip of the iceberg. He could lose everything he’s worked for because of the Newmans.

Professional misconduct? Vikki sighs. Yeah, Nate voiced his concern about his good standing when Victor pitched his plan. He agreed to go along and it’s backfired – big time. Wanting to help, Vikki offers to pay Nate’s legal bills. He appreciates the offer but can’t accept – he has to convince the board that he wasn’t paid off. Vikki’s very sorry and would gladly be a character witness (as would her parents) After Nate leaves, Billy asks Vikki what’s wrong. Adam – he’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Perched between his popcorn-munching parents, Connor enjoys the horror movie and banter.

Back at the Abbott mansion, Theo’s understandably shocked that Jack could be his uncle and Kyle his cousin. Of course he’ll take a DNA test; the sooner the better. Jack wishes he got a chance to know his half brother and likes to think that Dina would find some peace in knowing that that two branches of her family reunited. That’s why Kyle’s so pissed off, Theo assumes. It’s a lot to digest, Jack asks for patience.

While Kyle’s on the patio sulking, Billy tells Nick not to let Adam get into his head. Running for city council sounds like a good idea – don’t let Adam knock you off your path. Easier said than done, Nick rejoins Christian (while Billy seems to have something on his mind)

Connor’s sleeping, Adam whispers – I’ll take him upstairs. Dad? I like it like this – the three of us, the boy murmurs in Adam’s arms. I’ll take him up and then we’lll talk, Adam tells Chelsea.

Hey cuz, Theo joins Kyle on the patio – pretty wild news huh? Kinda makes sense – explains why we hit it off. We have the same grandma. Kyle doesn’t care what the DNA results say – it doesn’t change a thing. He’s done putting up with Theo’s crap. So, that friendly dinner was just an act – you were pumping me for info on my Dad. Yup. Uncle Jack would be disappointed with your attitude. We’re gonna get along great, Theo can already tell. Once again, Kyle marches out without a word – leaving Theo to finish his drink.

Billy brings Vikki a Zombie (cocktail) and has booked the Transylvania room for the night. Vikki feels bad for Nick – Adam keeping Chelsea and Connor away for Halloween. Nick went into this with his eyes wide open and brought Adam back. He must believe his relationship with Chelsea’s strong enough to withstand anything Adam can throw at them.

Pacing around at home, Nick calls Chelsea (who’s asleep on the sofa when Adam comes back down to note the missed call and put a blanket over her)