Wednesday, October 30th, 2019

At TGP, an exhausted Abby complains to the masked concierge behind his desk. Halloween loosens everyone’s inhibitions too much for her liking. Do we have any rooms available? Looking at the computer, the masked man nods. Deciding to crash there for the night, Abby scowls over at Sharon and Rey.

Also in a mask, Rey declares Sharon ‘stunning’ (in her sequined cat ears) but something’s missing. He pops open a jewellery box to reveal a necklace. I knew you had to have it. Sharon doesn’t know what to say. Say the night doesn’t have to end now. Hand in hand, they leave the bar.

Getting into bed in a suite upstairs, Phyllis tells herself that she doesn’t need Adam’s ten million dollars. Soon, her name will be plastered on billboards all over this town.

In bed, Sharon’s so happy Rey trusts her again. I’d do anything for you, he vows ~kiss~

Dressed as Ferris Bueller and Sloane, Kyle and Lola come home from Mariah’s Halloween party. He’s still griping about possibly being Theo’s cousin and continues to pout as Lola snuggles in to watch an 80’s movie.

In his PJ’s and robe, a bored and lonely Nick yawns as he flicks through channels on the TV.

Phyllis has a hilarious dream in which she’s GC’s businesswoman of the year and CEO of Newman Enterprises. Bossing her anxious and eager-to-please secretary (Sharon) around, she gives a press conference about working hard – commit enough felonies and your dreams really can come true.

Jack and Kyle are shown into Phyllis’ office to grovel and pitch a line of accessories named after her. I can’t work with a boy who broke my daughter’s heart. Jack doesn’t hesitate in firing Kyle. And with a snap of Phyllis’ fingers, he disappears. Jack continues his pitch. The accessory line will have your initials – the tag line; PS. I love you. This isn’t working for me, Phyllis snaps her fingers again. Jack vanishes and now the entire Newman family fills her office. As all ignore her and joke about her being homeless (like she’s not in the room) Phyllis realizes that she’s invisible and awakens with a jolt.

A black and white horror movie playing on his TV, Nick has a nightmare that he’s at Adam’s funeral. The family (plus Phyllis and Chelsea) mourn the loss of a wonderful man they all loved – and who Nick apparently killed. He’s shouting out Chelsea’s name when she comes home to snap him out of it. You OK? It sounds like you were having a nightmare, she states the obvious.

Lola puts a blanket over a sleeping Kyle. He too is having a dream. It’s the 80’s. Theo welcomes the ‘nerds’ to his version of the Abbott family Thanksgiving – less turkey, more tequila. Uncle Jack’s out of town on business and the party is in full swing. As Theo leads Lola away, Abby, wearing a tiara, is waiting for her inheritance instead of working. Having a fight with Kyle, Lola runs off in tears. Jack comes home to find that he’s been declared legally incompetent; Theo’s his guardian. You should have warned me about him! Jack shouts as he’s hustled out. Getting noogied by Theo, Kyle’s mumbling ‘get off me’ when he awakens abruptly.

Sharon asleep in his arms, Rey drifts off into a black and white dream in which he and Sharon are jewel thieves. Robbing the Newman ranch, she wants to make out. Too risky? You said you’d do anything for me. Hearing someone’s arrival, Rey sends Sharon off; they’ll meet later at a predetermined place. We’ll remember this night for the rest of our lives, she promises. Turns out that Sharon’s in cahoots with Adam. Waking up, Rey looks unsettled.

Upstairs in a suite at TGP, Abby’s dreaming that she’s a character in a sitcom (a cross between Mary Tyler Moore and Friends – complete with laugh track) Lola, Mariah, Theo and Kyle are all making jokes at her expense. Make it stop! she screams – and wakes up gasping.

In a white robe, Phyllis comes down to the lobby. Do you see me? she asks the silent, masked concierge. Of course you do. I’m Phyllis Summers. Must have been too many oysters, she exhales in relief – it’s all good.

Giving Nick a glass of water, Chelsea scolds him – late-night horror movies are never a good idea. Are you alright? Nick is now – and glad she’s home. There’s no place else Chelsea’d rather be ~kiss~

Kyle tells Lola about his weird dream – we were fighting (but he can’t remember what about) Thinking the movie a bad idea, Lola invites him to bed – I’ll make it up to you.

Looking at Sharon, peacefully sleeping in bed, Rey shakes his head (seemingly at his own foolishness) as he looks out the window.

I’m in the hotel – MY hotel – and it’s quiet, Abby laughs – thank God. I’m me, she opens a magazine she’s on the cover of. It was all a dream. Happy Halloween.