Thursday, October 31st, 2019

At home, Nikki scolds Victor for eating candy. Now that he’s retired, he can do whatever he wants – maybe he’ll be a contestant on The Price Is Right. Saying that things are going to get very busy very fast, Nikki gives Victor a quick kiss and leaves him to wonder what she means by that.

Nick comes down to ask how he looks in his three-piece suit. Sexy, debonair, Chelsea undoes his buttons. What’s she doing? Taking your clothes off counsellor.

Nick’s always down for this but can’t be late for his own press conference. Relax, Chelsea’s just getting him out of this ridiculous get up. Don’t show up in an Italian custom made suit – you need to show the people that you’re willing to get in the trenches and fight alongside them. Trust me, she undoes Nick’s shirt buttons.

Right on time, Amanda greets Nate at TGP. No, she doesn’t ‘waste any time’ and must figure out a way to retain Nate’s medical license with the board of Wisconsin (and her perfect record of wins)

Seated in TGP’s lounge, Amanda agrees not to sugar coat Nate’s chances. The board is serious. Having read their version of events, she now wants to hear his. Relaying that he perpetrated a fraud to help Victor, Nate’s told never to tell that story again – and you left something out (Abby) Are you really the type of man who’d throw everything away for a woman?

Just be you – down to earth Nick Newman (who’s now rolling up his shirt sleeves) Chelsea doesn’t want him to come off as too ‘stuffy’. You’re going to be a huge success today, she’s sure the voters will see his big heart. Told not to worry about her past, Chelsea briefly updates that Connor didn’t go trick or treating. On her way out, she greets Nikki – who’s happy to be accompanying Nick to his press conference but firmly rejects the role of campaign manager.

No, Nate’s not the kind of man who’d throw everything away for a woman but can’t deny that Abby was a factor. Easily getting under his skin, Amanda sees Nate as a man who’s not afraid to tell the truth or defend himself; a straight shooter. Again getting testy, Nate explains that he always puts his patient first. And his patient was in danger (from Adam) I agreed to lie. I’m guilty, he concludes. Your patients’ life depended on it, Amanda has her defence strategy – you risked your career because your patients’ life was in danger.

Honoured that Nick asked her to be his campaign manager, Nikki thinks he should avoid the baggage the Newman name brings – the headlines would read ‘Newman Enterprises is taking over local government’. You worked to distance yourself – it’s time to double down on that.

Simon Black introduces himself to Chelsea as soon as she arrives at TGP. You may not know me but I know exactly who you are Chelsea Boudreau, he alarms her.

Packing up her notepad, Amanda reminds Nate that she’s never lost a case. We need to talk to the man who put you in this position. Nate’s angry and afraid of what he might say to Victor. You have every right to be angry but you need him – he’s your best chance of winning, Amanda insists.

Nick nags his Mom – you’ve run for office before; your advice would be invaluable. Nikki will advise unofficially and attend the press conference as a supportive Mother. With her and Chelsea there, Nick just might be able to get through it.

At Society, Kevin congratulates Victor – this isn’t your first back-from-the-dead-rodeo. Victor brings up his agreement with Chloe (he’d keep quiet about her being alive if she didn’t come back to GC – you’re lucky she’s a lousy shot) Kevin offers to help Victor if he needs it – legally; he’s got his old job at the police department back. Excusing himself to take a call, Kevin scowls – that can’t be right. If this is a joke it’s not funny.