Thursday, October 31st, 2019

Chelsea’s sorry but she doesn’t remember meeting Simon. He’s never met Chelsea but knows her by reputation. He’s not interested in the other co-owners of TGP. And yes, there is something you can do for me. You have something of mine Ms Boudreau. Let’s sit down and talk about it.

This is astonishing, Victor invites Amanda to sit. He’s deeply sorry about the medical board trying to take Nate’s license away and will do anything to help. Dr Hastings is irreplaceable. Pleased to have his support, the first thing Amanda needs from Victor is a statement. When Nate’s unable to keep quiet any longer, Amanda tells him ‘now’s not the time’. Does this mean you don’t want my help? Victor frowns across the table.

At CL’s, Tammy’s pleased to meet Nikki. Both agree that Nick’s the man for the job. She then leaves Nikki to reassure a nervous Nick. She knows he’s in this for the long haul. Nick claims that he only jumped from job to job to show that he’s not like his Dad. What he really wants to do is help people. That’s exactly what you need to say, Nikki encourages. Tammy gestures that it’s time to get started but Nick wants to wait for Chelsea. She’ll be here, he’s sure.

Seated in the lounge, Simon explains that Calvin wasn’t exactly a friend, more like an associate; an associate who understood obligations. And that’s why he was disappointed to find the storage unit empty.

Yes, he wants your help, Amanda tries to interrupt Nate’s rant. You let Adam walk and I might lose my license, Nate expresses his anger – I could lose everything while you get to rise from the ashes. Victor’s deeply sorry and will do anything to help Nate win this case. He’ll take the full blame.

Still no word from Chelsea? Nikki can’t imagine what could be more important that this press conference. Is she really happy about you running for office? Yes, Nick’s confident in her support. Nikki’s not so sure – and the reporters are going to start leaving soon. When Tammy again nudges him, Nick says ‘let’s do it’ and goes to greet the press on the patio and is happy to announce that he’s running for city council.

Having no idea what Simon’s talking about, Chelsea’s sorry she couldn’t have been more helpful. Simon can see that she landed on her feet after Calvin’s death – life is all too short. Are we done pretending Ms Beaudreau? I’ll be in touch. It’s been a pleasure. When Kevin arrives on cue, a panicked Chelsea says she needs all the money back right now!

Pleasure meeting you, Victor stands to shake Amanda’s hand. He won’t mention her resemblance to Hilary again. You’re your own woman. She appreciates that. Victor yet again apologizes to Nate. Maybe when you have your own children you’ll appreciate the choices I made. After Victor leaves, Amanda scolds Nate – that could have been disastrous. When I say let me represent you and do the talking, I mean it. Outside, Victor makes a call – find out everything you can about a lawyer named Amanda Sinclair.

Nikki smiles in the background as Nick makes a passionate speech to the reporters. He wants to represent the people he loves and make the city he loves a better place. Thanks for coming. Good luck to my opponents – see you on the campaign trail. I’m gonna do this for Genoa City. All applaud and shake Nick’s hand before leaving him to receive congratulations from his proud Mom. Chelsea never came and he’s worried.

Back at TGP, Chelsea insists Kevin get her the money – today. It’s gone, Kevin’s sorry. The feds were investigating the bank and seized all their assets and accounts. Oh no, oh no! Chelsea’s gasps for breath drown out Kevin’s apologies.

Happy Halloween!