Friday, November 1st, 2019

Chelsea calls Nick from TGP – sorry for missing the press conference – something came up. At the reception desk, Abby beams at Simon – I’ll pass along the message. If there’s anything else I can do, just let me know, she concludes with a handshake. Hey, a handsome guest was looking for you, she relays to Chelsea – he wanted to thank you for making his stay so pleasant. The business matter he came to handle is more complicated than he thought and he’s not leaving until it’s wrapped up. Good for us, right? Yeah, that’s so great, Chelsea forces a smile.

Jack’s at the apartment to talk to a pissed off Kyle – he has the DNA results. No, he hasn’t shared them with Theo – he wanted to share them with Kyle first.

Mariah arrives at CL’s to admire the flowers on the counter. Reading the card, she’s told that Sharon and Rey’s Halloween date didn’t end until this morning. OMG – you took the next level to the next level, Mariah high fives her Mom. I haven’t seen you this happy since …. Since the last time I was with Rey? Sharon interrupts.

It’s true, Jack announces – Theo is Dina’s grandson. Now we know – Kyle has nothing else to say. Talk to me, Jack encourages (as a concerned Lola hovers) Go tell Theo the good news – go celebrate, Kyle’s even more pissed. I told you not to pursue this – you’ll find that out I was right, he’s sure.

Last night’s numbers thrill Abby to the point that she jokingly wishes she didn’t have two partners to share the profits with. When Chelsea suggests she drop a partner, Abby hopes she has a plan to get rid of Phyllis. Buy my share of the hotel, Chelsea offers. When Nick arrives, Abby lets him in on the joke. You were joking, right? she frowns quizzically at Chelsea.

Of course, Chelsea was joking, Nick tells Abby – TGP is the best investment she’s ever made and loves working with everyone here (almost) We make a great team – and Abby will definitely vote for Nick. After Abby gets back to work, Nick pouts about Chelsea not attending his press conference.

Abby informs Rey that Adrian checked out – without paying his bill.

Sharon’s relieved to be in a normal relationship – but not boring – last night was the opposite of boring – she’s excited about her second chance with Rey. Mariah’s glad things worked out – but – will Adam screw things up for you like he did before?

Jack now gone, Lola thinks Kyle was too harsh with his Dad – and in his certainty that Theo will take advantage of the Abbott’s.

Summoned to the Abbott mansion, Theo’s stunned by the news Jack gives him and knows Kyle’s not taking it well. Where do we go from here? And yes, there is something Jack can do for him – as soon as possible.

Back at TGP, Chelsea had too many fires to put out to attend Nick’s press conference – she didn’t even realize what time it was. Maybe it’s better she wasn’t there to distract from his agenda. In fact, it’s probably for the best that she stay in the background. Nick’s sure her past won’t be an issue. I can’t do this without you. Chelsea again apologizes and will make it up to him later. Nick wants her to make it up to him right now.

Adrian’s bill is 3K but Abby won’t accept money from Rey. He appreciates that and will throw his Father’s butt in jail if he comes back.

Over coffee, Sharon insists she’s over Adam thanks to Rey. Adam’s a master manipulator, Mariah worries when hearing that Sharon’s helping Connor. Nothing to worry about – history won’t repeat itself, Sharon’s sure. Mariah then invites Sharon (and Rey) to a get-together tonight. Sure, what’s the occasion?