Friday, November 1st, 2019

When Theo asks to meet his grandmother, Jack warns that he won’t get any answers from her. Theo knows that – he just wants the chance his Father never had and won’t upset her. OK, Jack will go see if Dina’s up for a visit – leaving Theo to pause over framed family photos, picking up one of a younger, smiling Dina.

The more Lola defends Theo, the more Kyle’s irritated that she’s falling for his act. Am I stupid or naive? she’s now angry too. No matter how you feel about Theo you have no right to treat me like a fool! Dammit! Kyle spits out when Lola huffs out of the room.

Needing to get to the restaurant, Lola accepts Kyle’s apology. Neither of them wants Theo to come between them. She IS on his side. Kyle loves her big heart but asks that she keep your eyes open where Theo’s concerned. With I love you’s – the pair are ‘good’ again. But you do owe someone else an apology, Lola kisses Kyle and leaves.

Enjoying her visit to Jack’s lovely home and hibiscus tea, Dina’s introduced to Theo Vanderway. Vanderway? Yes – does that name mean anything to you? Jack asks his suddenly weepy Mother.

Nick’s invited a reporter from the Chronicle over to TGP. Pat’s always been fair when writing about the Newmans. He’d really appreciate Chelsea being part of the interview. Yes, Chelsea will do it. Showtime. Lead over by Abby, Pat sits – she’s happy to meet Nick’s ‘partner in crime’. As Nick’s doing a good job answering the expected questions, Chelsea looks increasingly nervous when Simon smirks at her from the bar.

Mariah hopes Tessa won’t be upset – she hates surprises. I should cancel it, shouldn’t I? No, Sharon’s sure Tessa will love the one year anniversary celebration. She’s so proud of her daughter and couldn’t be happier for her. One surprise anniversary party coming up! Mariah’s excited.

Rey visits Lola in the kitchen to update that Dad skipped town on a 3K bill. Abby refused to let me pay the bill and he’s sure she won’t let Lola have it deducted from her paycheck. When Lola, (chopping the hell out of veggies) lets it slip that she already has enough to deal with, Rey wonders what else is bothering her.

Eric? Dina warbles – is that you? Yes, Theo says. Did they love you? Who? Your parents. Yes, very much – they were good people; kind, caring – devoted to making me feel safe and loved. Family are supposed to look out for each other, Dina cries – I wish I’d … You wish what? Jack probes. Dina suddenly very tired, he offers to take her home. Taken aside by Jack, Theo thanks him sincerely and pauses at the door, watching with emotion sadly as Dina doesn’t recognize her son.

It’s nothing, Lola literally pushes her brother out of the kitchen – OK, Kyle’s been dealing with some family drama. No, she won’t let it come between them. Happy to hear that he’s back with Sharon, Lola again pushes Rey towards the exit. Go, don’t keep her waiting. She then joins Theo at the bar. Yes, she heard. Ignoring Theo’s comment about how Kyle might be reacting, she seems more concerned with how he (Theo) is feeling)

Jack’s surprised to find Kyle at the house when he returns from taking Dina back to the facility. Yes, he told Theo. His response was subdued. Everything he thought about himself has changed. Kyle’s still convinced that Theo will soon start asking for things. He already did – he asked to meet Dina – and it went well for both of them.

It’s easy to support someone you believe in, Chelsea gives an impressive endorsement. When Nick walks Pat out, Simon wastes no time accosting Chelsea – you have 24 hours to get me the money. Yes, he’s serious – serious as a heart attack (he laughs at his choice of words) Needing more time, Chelsea’s given 48 hours (and left to look panicked)

Rey returns to CL’s to find Sharon admiring her flowers. What’s new? Rey won’t get into how his day went – he’s there to ask Sharon out again. Yes, he’d love to be her plus one at Mariah’s party and also has hope that he and Sharon will be celebrating their anniversary next year.

On the patio, Mariah leaves Tessa a message – sorry, I’ve been busy – see you tonight. She then sends a message out to K,L,A (Kyle, Lola and Abby) to come over tonight.

Theo confides in Lola – my grandmother thought I was my Dad. He went along with it and felt this amazing connection to her – then it was gone, she was gone. He feels stupid for being sad about losing something he never had. He’s not sure who he is anymore.

Jack thinks Dina got a sense of peace when meeting Theo; reassurance that the baby she gave up was OK. Kyle still doesn’t trust Theo – he’s not above using my grandmother to score points with you. She’s his grandmother too, Jack repeats what Dina said – family looks out for each other. Jack will make Theo feel welcome.

Nick rejoins Chelsea to praise the way she handled the interview – see you at home ~kiss~ At the bar, Simon raises his glass and smiles. Chelsea goes around the corner to make a call – Kevin, I need your help.